MP Alok Sanjar inaugurates distribution of contraceptive ‘Antara’ and ‘Chhaya’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 Sep 2017 09:44:36

Staff Reporter,

Contraceptive choices to meet the emerging needs of couples the two new contraceptives, an injectable contraceptive MPA under the ‘Antara’ programme and a contraceptive pill, ‘Chhaya’s distribution started in the district on Wednesday. Member of Parliament Alok Sanjar inaugurated distribution of these contraceptives on the occasion. These contraceptives will be available for free in medical colleges and district hospitals. MP Alok Sanjar said that the new contraceptive choices started by health department, are safe and highly effective.

Medical and Health Officer Dr Sudhir Jesani said that ‘Antara’ injectable being effective for three months and the ‘Chayya’ pill for one week, and will help meet the changing needs of couples and help women plan and space their pregnancies. Dr Jesani said that the injection ‘Antara’ does not cause infertility in women, it does not affect feeding the infants.

Similarly, contraceptive pill, ‘Chhaya’ should be taken twice weekly till three months from starting using the pill and later on only one pill should be taken in a week. Women can use the pills until need of pregnancy. Contraceptive pill ‘Chhaya’ is harmless. Contraceptive ‘Antara’ will be injected by trained doctors and staff free of cost in government hospitals. Similarly, contraceptive pill ‘Chhaya’ will be made available through health organisations as well as by the ASHA activists.