Source: The Hitavada      Date: 16 Sep 2017 11:15:56

MURDER  of seven-year-old boy Pradyuman in the washroom of a school in Delhi has brought into focus the vital question of children’s safety in schools. The cold-blooded murder by a bus conductor, who mercilessly slit the throat of the innocent boy, has naturally led to a national outcry as parents across the country started worrying about the security of their wards also.

During investigation, the police have found several lapses on the part of the school management. Parents were particularly angry as the school charged exorbitant fees under various heads but failed to provide facilities. Unfortunately, similar situation exists in almost all the schools.

In view of the tragic murder, the States Governments and the CBSE have issued  fresh safety guidelines for the schools to be followed mandatorily. Schools cannot shirk their responsibility of  ensuring safety of children and hence must take prescribed safety precautions without fail. Screening of the entire staff should be done very carefully. Because, it is a serious matter of life and death for the children. 



PRIME Minister Mr.  Narendra Modi has reason to take a dig at Opposition parties for their skepticism over the high speed bullet train. At every stage of the proposal to undertake the bullet train project, the Opposition has harped on a negative note, questioning the need for the supposedly costly undertaking.

Quite rightly, it is not just a fancy dream of the nation’s leader. The bullet train is a futuristic project which should make much economic sense, as it seeks to reduce distances between distantly placed cities and towns, achieve fuel efficiency, speed up travel time and make long distance journey comfortable.

Technologically advanced countries like Japan, China and others are way ahead of India in this critical area of nation’s economic activity. Growing economy demands rapid transport facilities for professionals, business people, employees commuting between cities in connection with their jobs etc. Instead of harping on negative aspects it is time Indian people begin to welcome new advances in technologies.