Why everybody seems to be out on the street? -II

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 Sep 2017 10:35:15

THAT everybody seems to be out on the street all the time, is certainly a scary spectacle. When we set out to find reasons, we may come across several factors that have led to this social situation. The sum and substance of all those may be that the atmosphere in the average Indian family seems to have become less attractive than what is available outside the home. And this brings us to a very critical issue of decline in family values and home culture. 

Let us not shy away from the fact that the world outside has always been far more colourful than the atmosphere in the home and family. Despite this, the family has always held its members together not just under the physical roof but more under a moral and spiritual umbrella. The sanskaar of the family, across the world, in all cultures, in all lands, has often held a greater sway in everybody’s life than the attraction of the glitz and glamour of the outer world. In sanskaar is concealed the power of protecting the mind from the undesirable and uncouth effects of the outside world and preserve the sanctity and sanity of the

Unfortunately, in the past some decades, the institution of family has been losing a lot of its importance owing to various factors. And that is the reason more and more people prefer to be out on the street or anywhere outside the home rather than being inside it for greater length of time. The space called home is no longer the same as it used to be, resulting into the loss of people’s intrinsic faith and liking for that private space where grows one’s personality in the real sense at the foundational level.

Discuss this with anyone, and you will get a more or less same answer to the vexed issue. Everybody seems to agree that because the family has not been able to retain its charm, people are beginning to spend more time outside the home rather than inside it.

This means clearly that renewed efforts will have to be launched by all of us to re-establish the importance of the family and the home and restore family values as the most critical to the individual’s well being. In other words, this means that we return to our roots in a traditional manner so that certain classicism, certain gravitas, get attached once again to the family values.

Of course, this task is easier uttered than achieved. For, even to make a right beginning in that direction would mean taking some decisions by the members of the family. Those decisions may include throwing out the television out of the window, discarding mobile phones or keep their use very, very restricted, sitting together for dinner no matter what, discouraging loose talk at mealtime and getting engaged in constructive talk, telling stories of real-life heroes and heroines who made a difference to the larger world, sharing thoughts of the sages and gods at mealtime.

The effort may involve inviting friends to spend some time together at home and deciding not to go out for dinner etc to restaurants and hotels. Buying books to be read at home and establishing systematic family reading time so that all are engaged in intellectual pursuit in a wonderful togetherness, can be another method.

Visitng temples and churches and mosques together and sitting together to listen to religious or spiritual discourses or going out on family picnics can be yet another mode to create a greater sense of togetherness. Adventure trips together can also bolster family ties very well.

Yet another method -- that many may oppose out of ignorance and even stupidity -- is to have grandparents at home under the same roof, instead of having them in separate houses. Grandparents are repositories of time-tested wisdom with the ability to establish a great connect with the kids of the family. There can be many ways not listed here, for the purpose is only to trigger a thought in the right direction.
The rest is to be left to everybody. May a sense of urgency be attached to finding the solution to this vexed issue. May God bless our families.