Farmers lack awarness about biomaterial

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Sep 2017 10:36:08

By Piyush Shrivastava,

Organic farming with new green inputs is gaining trend in the market. The farmers are inclined towards methods retaining the natural soil health conditions by using the new inputs. Due to lack of awareness about proper applications of biomaterials as crop supplements affecting production.  The farmers are informed and are also having experience of chemical based inputs impact on crop growth. On the contrary the organic put works on the law of nature and are effective only when applied in proper system for management at different steps in farming. The Microbial Inoculants or bio-agents available are having high range starting from enhancing carbon level to micronutrient density as well as microorganisms fixing natural Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium in soil.

Jawahar Bio-Fertilizer Production Centre, Director, Dr B. Sachidanand and Head Department of Soil Science and Agriculture Chemistry, JNAU says that the microbial inoculants are living organisms. The new age technology has enabled the farming to treat the soil, plants and even crop specific for targeted growth and production. But specifically its applications’ have precautions and system of management.

Prior to the applications the Bio-fertilizer production centre is providing information to farmers about application. But there is a challenge in providing training to farm labour, who actually applies the green inputs in farms. As mainly purchases are done by farmers from the centre but not to the labour who actually handles the groundwork. Another challenge is that the green inputs have specific time and duration of applications otherwise it acts reverse and causes losses to the production ratio, he added.

Jawaharlal Nehru Agriculture University, Vice Chancellor, Professor Vijay Singh Tomar added that in order to encourage organic farming and its technical education the University has planned a special capsule course on Organic farming. The short-term courses are being offered to the rural youths with facilities of hostel and field experience. Yet two courses have been completed and incoming month another course would be opened.

Bharat Krishak Samaj, District President, Prahalad Patel talking to The Hitadava added that in order to encourage Organic farming the BKS has initiated a special campaign and adding farmers in its awareness campaign. The products available in market especially green inputs are costly and if it fails in performing due to any reason causes losses to farmers. IN order to protect farmers from losses due to application the BKS is planning to constitute special teams of rural youths and to provide them training from experts of JNAU on organic-farming.