Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Sep 2017 08:41:31









WINDS of change are blowing  in the Government-run establishments. Perform or perish seems to be the mantra of the Government, which has started toning up the administration in right earnest. Time and again, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has been exhorting Government officials to  shun the ill-famous ‘chalta hai’ attitude and perform their duties  promptly, in order to take the country forward on the path of progress. Many of the officers have responded positively to the appeals made by the Prime Minister and his senior Cabinet colleagues. However, there are many others, who have failed to mend their ways, forcing the Government to take action against them.  For the first time, 13 senior officers of the Ordnance Factories have been sacked for their overall ‘unsatisfactory’ performance. By taking  action against 13 senior OF officers, the Government has sent a  message that everybody’s performance is      being watched carefully by it. All Government employees should learn a lesson and save themselves from the trouble.



IF THE   travelling public feels concerned about their safety during rail travel there are enough reasons for that perception. Though  such a perception may not be palatable to Railway authorities, recent derailments of trains within a matter a few days, certainly gives a feeling of insecurity among the travelling public. During the month of August three major derailments took place. In the derailment of Kalinga Express in Uttar Pradesh on August 19, 22 people were killed and over a 100 injured. Another accident took place in Uttar Pradesh in which 100 passengers were injured on August 23. On Tuesday last, nine coaches of the Nagpur-Mumbai Duronto Express derailed near Mumbai. While natural incidents are unpredictable and can catch the authorities unawares, other reasons, human errors, are avoidable if the Railway administration is able to put in place adequate safety measures. Even in case of natural calamities it is possible to take precautionary measures to minimise loss. Of course accidents cannot be predicted but precautions can be taken.