Water has ‘no value’ at Naya Raipur!

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Sep 2017 10:27:05

Staff Reporter,


Sept 1,

Thousands of litres of treated water are being wasted daily in Sector-27, Naya Raipur. It is a serious negligence of water wastage in Naya Raipur when Naya Raipur Development Aurhtoity (NRDA) is developing Naya Raipur as a Smart City. Thousands of litres of treated water are overflowing daily from overhead tanks installed on the roof of individual houses at Sector-27. There are around 2,700 houses in Sector-27 and at present, several houses are lying vacant.

Prasad Bhandari, who resides in a rented house at Sector-27, said that various parts of the State are facing ‘drought’ like situation and on contrary to it, thousands of litres of treated water are being wasted in Naya Raipur. In this regard, local residents have made complaint to the higher authorities of the Housing Board but no measures have been taken so far to prevent the water wastage.

“As a responsible citizen, it is our duty to prevent potable water from getting wasted as the scenario is that during summer season people have to dig the earth to fetch water. So we humbly request the concerned authority to take suitable action on priority basis to prevent such water wastage,” the concerned resident said. 

Chhattisgarh Housing Board (CGHB) supplies treated water in two shifts- morning and evening hours to the residents. In the morning and evening hours, thousands of litres of water are being wasted daily. Speaking to ‘The Hitavada’, Assistant Engineer of Chhattisgarh Housing Board Naya Raipur H R Wamanthare said, the Housing Board has been stressing for water conservation. Water being limited in supply needs to be used with care and the CGHB has been focusing on the need for conserving treated water, but it has come to the Housing Board’s notice that in several places, people just let their water tanks overflow.

“The Housing Board is planning to install overflow valve in the overhead tanks that would be helpful to prevent water wastage,” the Assistant Engineer said. The Housing Board may penalise such house owners who waste water by letting their tanks overflow, he added. It may be noted that the Housing Board has developed two residential colonies- Sector-27 and Sector-29 in Naya Raipur.