Source: The Hitavada      Date: 21 Sep 2017 11:30:51


UNION Minister for Human Resource Development Mr. Prakash Javadekar is absolutely right in his observation that though India has many more places of tourists’ interest as compared to several other countries, foreigners usually avoid visiting them because of lack of cleanliness.

Visit any tourist spot and what sores the eye is plastic bags and other disposable items littered everywhere, besides garbage dumped in the vicinity. The dirty sight takes away the pleasure of visiting monuments that are of historical importance.

Unfortunately, the very people who appreciate cleanliness while visiting foreign countries and take utmost care not to litter places they visit, become careless the moment they land back home and throw garbage here and there. This sick mentality needs to be changed at once.

The NDA Government has undertaken cleanliness drive to change the image of India and make the country cleaner so that people lead a healthy life. Once this is achieved, foreigners will make a beeline to India, helping it earn foreign exchange.


CYBER crime is emerging as the newest challenge to the security agencies, to the Government and to technologists as each one is concerned about containing this tide. Growing number of financial crimes perpetrated through the use of internet, mobile phones, credit/debit cards, shows that criminals operating in this hi-tech field are growing smarter in use of latest technology, to the extent that they appear to have the answer for every new innovation to avoid fraud.

Naturally citizens, who are increasingly using technology for their financial transactions, banking operations, the Government and the security agencies, must be a worried lot. This could give a setback to the Government’s efforts to turn the Indian economy into a ‘less cash’ economy as people get wary about the safety of their money even in banks.

Home Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh has assured to strengthen laws and asked for tightening surveillance system. These of course will serve some useful purpose. But deeper action is urgently called for.