Flying training starts for Chhattisgarh youth

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 24 Sep 2017 09:56:04


Staff Reporter,


The cadets of Chhattisgarh will be benefitted by this unique opportunity and their chances at securing their employment with the Indian Air Force and other Armed Forces will be enhanced

With concerted efforts of the NCC Squadron, the aircraft has been made serviceable at Raipur now and is ready to restart flying training at Raipur after a break of almost five years. State School Education Minister Kedar Kashyap inaugurated the service at Vivekananda Airport here on Saturday. The cadets of the state will be benefitted by this unique opportunity and their chances at securing their employment with the Indian Air Force and other Armed Forces will be enhanced, Kashyap said.

The main objectives of undertaking training of the cadets in not just flying activities but also in developing these cadets as all-round achievers and future leaders of the society. The cadets are exposed to various ground training including specialist flying subjects and general subjects for human resource development and also given opportunities for Aeromodelling training were they are taught to build small scale models of the aircraft and fly them remotely.

The cadets of the squadron are presently participated in the inter group competitions at Indore and 12 of the Meritorious cadets of the squadron will soon be representing the state of Chhattisgarh at the All India Vayu Sainik Camp at Jodhpur in Rajasthan. The squadron is likely to be inducted with one more Zenair Microlite aircraft and this will further enhance the flying training capability of the aircraft. The squadron plans to undertake a minimum of 200 hours of flying training every year at Raipur.

The flying training will be imparted to all the Senior Division/ Wing cadets (College Students) and ten percent of the 850 Junior Division/ Wing Cadets from 14 schools in various districts of Chhattisgarh state that are affiliated to the squadron. Though this is the minimum planned target, keeping in view the long break involved in flying training activities at Raipur, the aim will be to conduct flying training for as many cadets as possible.

The Squadron is presently holding one Zenair STOL Microlite aircraft which is a single engine side by side seater trainer aircraft. The aircraft weighs a total of less than 500 Kgs and has a ‘Short Takeoff and Landing’ capability. The aircraft is powered by a four cylinder aviation grade Engine which is very reliable and efficient for flying training. The training for NCC Cadets is undertaken for a period of two years for school students up to class 10 and for three years for cadets from plus two and college.

A senior division cadet who after completion of three years of training in the senior division/ wing and secures C Certificate with a minimum grading of will be given the opportunity to directly apply for interview with the Service Selection Boards of the Armed Forces for commissioning as Officers in the Army, Air Force and the Navy.The squadron has a lot many ex cadets who have secured commission in the various Armed Forces of India and expects to see a lot more in the coming years.