Firm favourite

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 26 Sep 2017 10:31:04


By Durba Ghosh,

Superstar Rajnikanth would be the first choice for the role of King Lear if Vishal Bharadwaj decides to make a fourth film on Shakespeare’s tragedies.
Bhardwaj has successfully adapted Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Othello and Hamlet into Maqbool, Omkara and Haider.
“Before making Haider, I had worked on the script of ‘King Lear’ and visualised Rajnikanth in the lead role. He will be my first choice, if and when I decide to make the film,” Bharadwaj told reporters.

Asked why he chose Shakespeare’s tragedies to make his signature films, the filmmaker said that while Maqbool was an accident, the other two films were his attempt to complete the trilogy.
“...For my second film, I was looking for a story when I decided to make Omkara, an adaptation of Othello, and finally there was a pressure to make the third of the trilogy.”

“Haider, the third in the trilogy, was a very difficult film for me. I was under pressure to ensure that the film matches up to the first two films and at the same time, I wanted to make a film in Kashmir against the backdrop of conflict,” he said.
Next on Bhardwaj’s wishlist is a trilogy of Shakespeare’s comedies but there is nothing on the horizon as of now.

“I will not direct any films but will compose music for three films. I along with many of my well wishers feel that I have neglected my role as a music composer and for the next year, I am going to concentrate on music,” Bharadwaj added.