Won’t compromise on battle against corruption: Modi

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 26 Sep 2017 09:03:53



PRIME Minister Narendra Modi on Monday underlined his resolve to fight corruption, saying his battle against it is “uncompromising” and no one will be spared.
In his address to the extended national executive of the BJP, Modi said he has no relatives and took a jibe at the Opposition, maintaining that power was a means of enjoyment for them when they were in power.

Modi also told the meeting that the Opposition’s harsh words cannot be substitute for any substantive charge against the Government. His comments at the closed-door meeting were shared with the media by senior party leader Arun Jaitley.

Modi asked close to 2,000 BJP leaders, which included 13 Chief Ministers, six Deputy Chief Ministers, over 60 Union Ministers besides party’s MPs and MLAs among others, to take the party beyond elections and make it an instrument of mass participation to improve quality of people’s lives. Earlier, the party adopted a six-point agenda to rid the country of poverty, terrorism, casteism, communalism and corruption.

“My battle against corruption is uncompromising. Anyone caught indulging in corruption will not be spared. I have no relatives,” the Prime Minister was quoted as saying by Jaitley. According to the Union Minister, the Prime Minister also told the meeting when Opposition was in Government, power was a means of enjoyment for it. “Now they do not know how to behave as Opposition,” Modi said.

During his address, Modi also talked about his Government’s relentless fight against terrorism, including bringing back 90 terrorists from abroad, several
welfare initiatives for the poor and the farmer.Modi asserted that today people in the country are looking towards BJP for their future which was the central point of hopes and ambitions of the people in the country.

“BJP should not restrict itself to conventional politics of contesting and winning elections. The democracy should be seen beyond elections. The party should work for increasing mass participation in democracy. We should take BJP beyond elections and make it a instrument of mass participation to improve quality of life of the people,” Modi was quoted as saying by Jaitley. Prime Minister also referred to initiatives such as Swachh Bharat and said due to mass participation it has become a movement of public welfare. Modi also asked party’s leaders to become a link between people’s problems and Government. “The main point of PM Modi’s speech was that we should make the BJP an instrument of mass participation to improve people’s quality of life,” Jaitley said.