Farmers in Raipur distt hesitate to use Urea technique

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Sep 2017 10:21:13


By Sheikh Abdul Kadir,


Farmers in Raipur district fears to use Urea treated paddy straw, while farmers in Dhamtari have adopted the techniques and they are turning the useless paddy straws into useful fodder.

While talking to The Hitavada, Dr Anjana Naidu, Joint Director of Veterinary Services informed that the farmers of Dhamtari are spinning Gold out of Straws as they are turning paddy straws worth 50 paisa into useful nutritious fodder worth Rs 8. Which means 15 times the value of straw is increased by the Urea treatment process. It is very effective means of non-conventional source of nutritional fodder.

She added that poor nutrition is the biggest limitation in animal production especially cattle, considering its importance in overall agricultural/livestock farming systems, Urea treatment has been adopted.
Dr Naidu further added that in the Urea treatment process 100 kilograms of straws are treated with 4 kilograms of Urea mixed in 50 litres of water. Urea treated paddy straws are covered with polythene for 21 days this way the straws becomes ready to feed the cattle after exposure to air for 10 minutes. After the Urea treatment the straw becomes soft, tasty, easy digestible and nutritious.

They turn into golden colour. Normal untreated straw contains zero per cent of protein and 40 per cent of energy, while the Urea treated straws contains 4 per cent of protein and 56 percent of Energy. Urea treated straws are free from toxic substances. Urea toxicity can take place only due to higher intakes within a shorter period of time therefore limited feeding, provide adequate soluble carbohydrates and is advisable, she added.

The biggest fears among the farmers related to Urea treatment is that, if the quantify of Urea during treatment increases or if cattle take over dose, it leads to death of cattle.

To overcome the fear among farmers the department organise 10-15 awareness camps in villages and educate the farmers. The farmers in Dhamtari are the best example as they have become role model for others by adopting the technique successfully.

The farmers are informed about the precautions to be followed with Urea treated straws. Such as calf of below six month should not be fed with treated straw. Pregnant cattle are also not being fed with treated straw, etc.