Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Sep 2017 11:35:41

THE Cabinet Committee on Security deserves kudos for giving its nod for the long-pending modernisation of police, and, earmarking a staggering sum of Rs 25,060 crore for the same. Internal security and safety of citizens is as important as external security. However, no attention was paid to modernisation of police in the past and the nation had to pay a heavy price for it.

The dire need for equipping policemen with latest arms was felt particularly during the 2008 Mumbai attacks by Pakistan-trained terrorists. Kasab, one of the terrorists, was captured alive by a brave cop, Tukaram Omble, who was armed only with a lathi and succumbed to bullet injuries. Whenever there is a law and order problem, police are the first to reach the spot and deal with the situation. Other security forces come in to restore peace only when the situation goes out of their control.

Thus, in order to improve their efficiency, it is necessary to arm police with latest weapons, train them in improving investigation skills and upgrading the infrastructure. It is good that a step has been taken in this direction at last.




PRESIDENT Mr. Ram Nath Kovind has rightly said that divergence in India’s culture and legacy of heritage and history has a very rich tourism potential. He, therefore, has appealed to all concerned to explore this rich gift of history and nature for promoting tourism. A country like India can ill afford to ignore this. For it can open up vast avenues for creating jobs, even more than agricultural or the manufacturing sector.

A country which stares into a huge unemployment problem, tourism offers a much better scope. India’s national parks, heritage structures, cultural diversities etc. have not been adequately explored as a means for creating employment opportunities and earning much needed foreign exchange.

This neglect of a potential sector has resulted in poor tourism infrastructure, shabby upkeep of monuments and heritage structures, unhygienic conditions around the promising spots, deter tourists from visiting them. In fact wild life, medical, spiritual and adventure, all can open new vistas in tourism for the country.