Bastar forest, a habitat for endangered wild fauna

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Sep 2017 10:27:57


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The researchers, naturalists and wildlife enthusiasts are moving inside the forest and find out rare species of wildlife which already exist there from last many decades

Bastar, a landscape of forests, tribals and sometimes a bloody battleground for security forces and the armed Maoists, is turning out to be suitable habitat for rare endangered species.

In other words, one can say Bastar forest, which has some similarity with Western Ghat in terms of landscape, is a grown habitat for endangered wild fauna, said Ornithology Researcher Anurag Vishwakarma, who is carrying out his research on birds in the forests of Bastar and other parts of the country.

Like Western Ghat, Bastar has become biodiversity hotspot, said the Researcher, adding Kanger Valley National Park is one of the eminent habitants for endangered wildlife.
Kanger Valley National Park is one of the prominent habitats for endangered wild flora and fauna. This national park is surrounded by Odisha and Telangana states and these states come under the Eastern Ghat Range and Bastar is treated as invasion hotspot.

The habitat and geography of Kanger Valley is something different in all over Chhattisgarh, said Vishwakarma. So many avifauna, amphibians and reptiles are now a days found frequently in Kanger valley national park, he added. Despite all these fact, Bastar is still untouched region for scientist and need to be explored, feels Vishwakarma.
There are very few people who have studied Bastar. Bastar is a grown opportunistic research ambit for scientist/researcher/naturalist.

Due to some reasons like habitat degradation, habitat fragmentation, deforestation, hunting, poaching etc. they are going to migrate or extinct from this region, feared the Researcher. “There are many species which is endemic of Western Ghat is also found in Kanger Valley like Crimson backed Sunbird, White cheeked Barbet and Rufous Babbler these species indicate that we have almost same habitat as in Western Ghat (one of the biodiversity hotspot of India),” said Vishwakarma.

Recently, female of variable coloured vine snake was for the first time reported by Ravi Naidu (Naturalist) in Kanger valley national park. Now, with Naxlite menace subduing researcher, naturalist and wildlife enthusiast will be moving inside the forest to explore rare species of wildlife existing for last many decades.