Careers in Defence attracting youngsters again

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Sep 2017 10:08:32

The sense of happiness was more than obvious. The family was radiating happiness and a deep sense of achievement. For, the efforts of the young son had proved fruitful, and he was all set to join the Armed Forces. In the next few days, he would be gone to join a training programme at a prestigious national institution. In some time, he would emerge from the institution as an officer in one of the segments of the Armed Forces. And that glorious possibility had made the family extremely happy. 

Even when the lad was a little boy, the parents wanted him to be in Armed Forces. “It has been my dream to see my son in a starched uniform,” gushed the father, a man of decent means, with pride dripping from his voice. The family had just received the letter informing that the son had passed the tough entrance exam, making the family bask in the glory of the initial success. The lad had yet to get the training, yet to get a force that he loved, yet to become an officer in the Indian Armed Forces. Yet, the family did not mind waiting, since it knew that one day, eventually, the son would make the grade.

Against the background of overall apathy of families and their wards towards the Armed Forces, such examples come as true motivators. In the past years, the larger Indian society had seen a slump in the interest of people in the Armed Forces. Families often discouraged their youngsters from the goal of joining the Armed Forces. That also resulted in the slump of numbers of officers in the Forces, causing concern at all levels.

Of late, however, the situation seems to be changing in favour of Armed Forces as career. Countless youngsters are seen crowding the local classes where basic training is imparted for success in Armed Forces entrance tests, indicating the growing interest of the young generation in careers in Defence. The visible sense of elation in the family mentioned earlier was one example of that changing scenario.

Of course, this is only an early indication of a changing trend. Much work needs to be done in this regard to create a magnetic attraction in young minds about Armed Forces as a favoured career. Yet, signs are visible that youngsters in good numbers seem to get attracted towards the elan of the officer cadre of the Armed Forces. The youngsters do realise that there is enough money in Armed Forces at the officer levels, more than equal to what is available in IT industry where youngsters keep working round the clock without any possibility of effecting personal agendas of growth. There were times when decent salaries were an attraction in the IT industry. Today, things have changed as some youngsters are beginning to realise the hollowness of the career in IT. Money all right, but what about excitement that propels one to do better? Money can’t be the sole motivations, youngsters are known to be asking these days.
These signs are truly welcome.

But they also indicate that our youngsters would soon start getting magnetised towards careers in Defence. They would realise that multiple career-options are available in Defence Services -- from engineering to medical to administration to education to combat roles. With these options are now out in the open, it would be only a matter of time when greater numbers of youngsters would start leaning towards careers in Defence Services. That would never be too far.
And that is the point of true hope.