Mithilesh Vazalwar to represent India at World Aeropress C’ship

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Sep 2017 10:12:37

Staff Reporter

Mithilesh Vazalwar from Nagpur, who is the first Indian Aeropress Champion, will be the first to represent India at the World Aeropress Championship to be held at Seoul in South Korea this November.

Vazalwar is a Coffee Q-Grader, one among the only 25 in India and a Coffee Roaster, Cupper, and Trainer, and is the first to earn this certificate in Australia. He is now starting his own venture, and is providing consultation to cafes in the city and to roasters all over India. Q-Grading is an internationally recognised exam, conducted by the Coffee Quality Institute, a non-profit organisation. The exam consists of 22 extremely challenging practical sensory tests, spread over six days.

Later this year, Mithilesh Vazalwar will also be travelling to Myanmar, El Salvador, and the US to provide consultation on setting up and expanding, sourcing the coffee from origins all over the world, roasting, cupping, and setting and maintaining quality standards and working directly with farmers. He is also partnering a project where essentially specialty coffee education will be the main focus.

Mithilesh has undergone intensive training in Melbourne, Delhi, Chiang Mai (Thailand) reiterating his belief that it takes uncompromising hours, working even 18 hours a day to back his childhood dreams.