‘India should act to stop persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Sep 2017 08:42:38


Staff Reporter,

Hindu and Buddhist minority in Bangladesh are being systematically targeted by majority Muslims as part of ethnic cleansing since last many years and yet the world is watching it in studied silence. But what is more surprising, Indian Government has not made any efforts to stop this persecution of minorities by leveraging its position with Bangladesh, said Adv Ravindra Ghosh, Human Right Activist and Senior Counsel in Supreme Court of Bangladesh.

Several delegation of Bangladeshi Hindus have met senior officials of Indian Government and requested their intervention to put an stop to this violence but nothing has happened so far. Interacting with newspersons at local office of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) here on Friday, Adv Ghosh further said that things have gone from bad to worse and now Hindus were forced to abandon and flee for their safety. Hindus are being persecuted, they are being implicated in false criminal cases and authorities have miserably failed to curb the communal tensions.

Hindus are disappearing minority in Bangladesh as their percentage stands at just 8 per cent in year 2016 as against 16 per cent in year 1971. Revealing statistics of atrocities against Hindus, Adv Ghosh informed that 236 Hindus were murdered, their 1,536 houses looted and 136 women were raped since year 2007. He also accused Bangladesh media of suppressing the news of atrocities against Hindus.

Rocky Bhante, Secretary of Kripa Sharan Buddhist Mission, demanded that Bangladesh Government should enact Prevention of Atrocities Act and also set-up Minority Commission to protect Hindus and Buddhist minorities in Bangladesh and added and this can happen only after intervention by Indian Government.

We love our country and wish to live there in peace, he further stated.
On the issue of Rohingya Muslims coming to Bangladesh, Prashant Hartalkar, Secretary, International Wing of VHP said that around 600 Hindu refugees have also fled from Myanmar. But Bangladesh Government is reluctant to provide relief to Hindus. The VHP have set up a relief camp for Hindus on Bangladesh border. He also urged people to support the Hindus living in these refugee camps. Bhadant N Bodhi and Bhadant Attadarshi Thero, Dr Hemant Jambhekar, Prof Ajay Nildawar were also present on the dais.