Is civic responsibility lacking among citizens?

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Sep 2017 10:08:04


By Pallavi Singh,

Our education system inculcates many subjects which provide us with knowledge of varied fields. But one subject that needs to be inculcated in the syllabus is the subject of civic responsibility. These are the words of authorities who are fed up with the ever increasing theft and destructions of public property by people. VIP road where beautification works has been done by Bhopal Municipal Corporation and still ongoing is the best example to witness the lack of civility among city folks.

Stone planters which were installed at VIP road, parks and dividers have been stolen by people. Small parks developed at extensions of dividers can be seen littered with garbage. As per sources not only this, people have stolen even the plants that were planted by authorities. Earlier, people exhibited sheer vandalism and had stolen even the cobblestones from the pedestrian walk.

Grills and iron rods of benches, bulbs and lamp poles were stolen every second
day leaving no choice with the administration but to reinstall them only to find them missing within another few days. As per sources as many as 40 planters were placed at VIP road under the beautification project each of which cost around Rs 10,000 to 12,000.

Small planters were also placed inside the divider extensions which were beautified as small parks. Each plant costed around Rs 400 to Rs 500. Not only the planters are missing, but the plants have also been stolen from some planters by people.

The empty planters are either stolen or being used as spitting pot by people. People also break the planters vandalising and causing harm to public property. Earlier, also authorities had expressed concern over the planters as they did expect such incidents looking at the theft of electricity poles, wiring, grills, bulbs etc.

Garbage can be seen lying openly in the small parks where people throw plastics and wrappers. These things not only spoil the beautification but also abate the growth of plants and the fauna in the area. Cloth pieces, plastic wrappers, food, coconut shells, straw, bottles etc are thrown by people causing harm to the plants and the beauty of vicinity. PRO, BMC, Harish Gupta said, “We have received such complaints earlier as well and police was also informed regarding such incidents.

It is impossible for us to install guards everywhere to watch out for such people. The city residents have to understand their responsibility and show some civic sense.”Architect and incharge of beautification project of VIP road, Vikram Mohile said, “The planters were brought especially from Jodhpur and each planter costs around Rs 10,000 to Rs 12,000. Planters have also been placed inside parks. People not only steal planters and break them, they even steal plants.

Empty planters are used as spitting pots. Garbage is thrown in parks where all kinds of filth can be seen. This is purely lack of civic sense which cannot be taught. The sense of ownership and responsibility should come from within. This is the distorted mentality of people that is exhibited when such things happen.”