Police crack youth’s murder case

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Sep 2017 10:14:56


Staff Reporter,

Govindpura police solved the sensational murder case of youth who had died due to bullet injury received through the country-made revolver at the residence of his friend. Youth had taken the loaded country-made revolver from a friend and started showing off. When one of his friends tried to snatch the country-made revolver from his hands, trigger got pressed and bullet passed through his head, killing him instantly. Police said it was during the intervening night of September 26 and 27 that Manu along with his minor friend came to Bhopal from Sagar by bike. Manu stayed at the house of his friend Shubam Soni in Gautam Nagar.

He and his friends had party. In the meantime, Manu demanded the country-made revolver from one of his friends. After taking the loaded revolver in hand, Manu pointed country made revolver towards Zuber and started saying that “Whether I should kill you or self”. Sensing that revolver was loaded and if it goes off accidentally then someone can get killed, hence, Zuber started to snatch country-made revolver from Manu.

In this process, revolver triggered got pressed. The fired bullet passed through Manu’s head and also injured the right hand of Aman. Manu died on the spot. Aman tried to save Zuber by wiping the country-made revolver so that it does not carry the finger print of Zuber and also put the weapon in right hand of deceased Manu. Hence, he tried to misguide police by trying to show incident as suicide. After investigation, police filed case against accused Zuber Khan (19) and Aman Singh (20) and later Manu’s minor friends were arrested.