Ruckus and mismanagement in city hospitals under MPHRC scanner

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Sep 2017 10:02:11


Staff Reporter,

Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission ( MPHRC) has issued missives to concerned authorities at Hamidia hospital over recent incident of ruckus happened between Junior doctors and patients relatives .The State human rights panel made a point that this is not first of its kind incident and as earlier also many such cases of mismanagement has been reported from the hospital .

Besides there are also reports that Heart and Kidney patients are not getting proper treatment at Hamidia , JP and Lady sultania hospital because of which patients are being refereed to other hospitals. It was reported that in Hamidia hospital junior doctors hit the patient named Shiva and his mother because of some argument over treatment .A detail report has been sought from superintendent of police over the incident .It has to be noted that the cath lab is not working in Hamidia hospital and Ventilator is also not functional . A report has been sought from authorities over measures taken to provide adequate machines and equipments in city hospitals.

Last year also cognizance has been issued over Sultania Janana Hospital incident where the management had to face the rage of parents after two newborns died. The parents alleged that the nurses are responsible for death, the relatives of the women also created ruckus in the hospital premises. In two different cases the attendants of patients alleged that the nurses did not attend the patients and delay in checking lead to the death of infants.

Besides, MPHRC bench also took cognizance of report of ruckus caused by junior doctors in Hamidia Hospital. 
The chaos continued to swirl up the atmosphere of Hamidia Hospital. Two junior doctors were beaten up badly by a relative of a patient who died in the hospital and all the junior doctors demanded strict security in the hospital. On the contrary in another incidence a junior doctor went into a fight with a patient’s father. Of late poor services and mismanagement by hospital administration is being reported from city government hospitals which is resulting in uproar from public usually in hospital premises itself.