3,759 cops not promoted due to seniors’ apathy

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Sep 2017 09:49:31


By Dheeraj Fartode,

Despite directives from the DGP office, top rank officials are not issuing promotion orders of constabulary

Top rank officials are very sensitive about their own promotions and in case there is any procedural delay they raise lot of hue and cry. But same alacrity is lacking when it comes to take a call about promotion of lower rank officials leading to vacancies of upto 3,759 posts in Maharashtra Police Cadre.

The vacancies are in the ranks of Assistant Police Inspector (API), Head Constables and Police Naik despite there being a sizable number of claimants available in the force. This indicates general inertia at top of the force among the leaders to not fill-up the posts.

Additional Director General of Police (ADGP), Establishment, Rajendra Singh had issued a first circular to all Unit Heads on July 30, 2017 and asked them to immediately conduct meetings and sanction promotion orders of the claimant. Two months after Unit Heads failed to show any seriousness, ADGP Singh again reminded them through a circular on August 28, 2017 and warned of compliance of order before State Director General of Police in a month.

The Hitavada accessed the copy of the circular which stated that 1,518 posts of Assistant Police Inspector, 1,800 posts of Head Constables and 441 posts of Police Naik are lying vacant in the force across the State. Despite the orders coming from the office of DGP if Unit Heads are failing to respond, then it shows general apathy towards the lower personnel working the force.

And yet these field personnel alone are expected to show exemplary performance even though the promised advancement in career might not happen in time. What effect would it have on the morale of the force, but then who is bothered about these issues, if one goes by the delay, which seems to be more of deliberate nature than oversight in denying opportunities of promotion in service.

In the circular, ADGP Singh has pointed out that due to delay in finalising the promotions, the Police Establishment have to each year surrender the money earmarked for allowances and increased salary. This is so that at end of financial year if the budgetary allocation is not utilised fully then the same automatically lapses. Every year Government sanctions the money based on projection provided by Establishment section, which includes assumption that field units would timely chanalise promotions. But with DGP failing to crack a whip against
erring field bosses, the middle ranking force would continue to feel neglected.