Denizens say, in Kolar, it is hard to walk on roads

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Sep 2017 11:26:21


By Arun Kumar,

Flooding on roads, colonies during monsoon with both rain and sewage water, is a perennial problem in the many colonies of Kolar Road’s ward No 84. Residents say that neither the public representatives nor the Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) officers ever pay attention to correct sewage system and repairing damaged roads. Manjit Singh Maran is Corporator and Rameshwar Sharma is ruling party MLA from Kolar Road.

There are number of good colonies developed by the builders assuring people that soon BMC that has taken over Kolar Municipality will start developmental work at different colonies of Kolar Road as it recovers taxes for development. The BMC had started recovering taxes but nothing has been done to the residents of many colonies of Kolar Road. All civic problems are as it is for the last several years as improper drainage system, open sewage lines, damaged roads and heaps of garbage at place to place. It hikes problems of residents in rainy season. Many complaints are with BMC but have been filed. Some residents even have left filing complaints with the BMC officers for their civic problems.

While the district administration, BMC and the agencies concerned claim to have taken several measures to improve the drainage and the sewerage system at Kolar Road colonies where there is population of more than 2.5 lakh people all the time but existing damaged roads, ponds like situation on vacant plots, flowing sewage water on roads punctured the tall claims of the authorities.

Bhopal is under the plan of Smart City and to which the work is said to have already been started by the civic authority but it seems that the developmental works under Smart City has not yet touched the Kolar road colonies.

“Sewage from 46 per cent of the residential areas, including that of colonies, flows into drains. The agencies concerned did not assess the impact of sewage flowing into storm water drains. The preparation of agencies for monsoon was deficient as de-silting and other maintenance works were not completed before the onset of monsoon, resulting flowing sewage water on many roads in lanes and by lanes. Sanitation workers reach at some colonies is not proper while in many colonies they could not reach saying that they have no time.

No adequate mechanism was in place to identify vulnerable locations to water-logging. Repeated water-logging was observed in existing locations despite assurance to prevent the same. De-silting of drains and dumping of removed silt in authorized locations were not ensured. Dharmapal, resident of OM Nagar under Ward No 84 said, there is no tap water facility to residents of this colony or any other colonies in Kolar road. Besides, we have to face heaps of garbage, sewage water on roads and muddy approach roads. Many times, the BMC men are told to do some essential civic works at this colony but our voice is gone unheard.

Dinesh Mainkar, living at Fine Avenue phase-I, running a general store, said there is sewage pipeline leakage which water is flowed on roads. Many times, the BMC men came after several complaints and repair it temporarily. Still the sewage water is flowing on roads. They do not repair it permanently. Agencies concerned ignore public’s civic grievances.

Govind Majhi, resident of Om Nagar said like other colonies of Kolar road, we are also depended on the water supply through tankers. For the last many years, the civic authorities have failed to provide water through pipeline to the residents of Kolar Road. Besides, the one more major problem is open drainage, over flowing sewage. Most people have not left complaining to the Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) officers as they do not listen them.

Vishnu Dev Singh Parihar, running his shop at fine avenue road, said when he failed to get necessary civic works done from BMC officers he did this task. I have spent thousands of rupees to fill up the deep whole through small stones so that the people may get rid of stinking of sewage water. What can we do, we cannot bear the stinking at the time when dengue, swine flu, malaria and other diseases are spreading in city.

Kuldeep Salve, said it cannot be denied that BMC does not do anything. BMC men come and clean only the roads but not the lanes and by-lanes. Roads are with full of sewage water and this is problem is become major problem during the rainy season. If there is more rains in coming days, the residents of ward No 84 will find it tough to live there. It is very old issue that has not yet been solved by the civic authorities.

Vinay Kumar Singh Parihar, resides at Fine Avenue colony said the shrubs, heaps of garbage and damaged roads are very common problems for years. Residents make complaints to the BMC ward office. We want to live with cleaned place so we clean the place around our shop by spending money.

Jeetu Malviya, resident of ward No 84, said roads are flooded with dirty water, breeding mosquitoes
because of dirt and leakage sewage lines. Residents are not happy with BMC officers’ ignoring attitude towards civic problems of this colony.