Light showers drench Bhopal

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Sep 2017 11:39:32


Staff Reporter,

Sunday proved out to be a pleasant day for Bhopal as sky was dotted with clouds. In the meantime, spell of light showers during evening hours added coolness in the air, providing relief from humidity. Light showers also hit some other places of State as well.

Plumes of clouds were hovering in the sky of Bhopal since morning hours onwards, but it was during afternoon hours that cloud cover got thick. Later on, light showers started to drench the city, bringing smile on the faces of people. Drizzling continued for more than half an hour and it was enough to dissolve mild coolness into the atmosphere. Now people are hoping that more rains are in offing and light to moderate rainfall may take place in State capital any time. Already, next spell of rains in State is expected from September 6 onwards.

Weather Department said rains have occurred in sundry parts of Indore and Ujjain divisions respectively during last twenty-four hours. Neemuch recorded rainfall of 2 cm and Gandhwani, Amarwada, Atner received rainfall of 1 cm each.
The forecast of Weather Department said rains and light showers are likely in some places in Ujjain, Indore, Hoshangabad divisions and districts including Raisen, Bhopal, Chhindwara, Anuppur, Dindori and Shahdol. Rains and light showers may also take place in isolated places of remaining regions of State.

The weather conditions are going to remain same for next two days. This means that cloudy weather conditions will continue unabated and even spells of light or medium showers may take place in isolated places of State. Bhopal is going to witness cloudy weather and even light showers may take place along with lightning activities.

This monsoon season has not been satisfactory so far as rains have been deficient in State. Maximum parts of State are facing the shortage of rainfall. People are having lot of hopes from the rains in remaining monsoon season. However, the last spell of rains have been robust in many parts of State and had provided relief to farmers and people.