Mobile phones banned in schools

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Sep 2017 11:47:51

By Shaily Acharya,

Notwithstanding that there is ban on viral suicide game “Blue Whale”, many curious youths are still getting tempted to it. School Education Department has decided to ban mobile phones in schools and also appealed parents to keep eye on their wards at home.

District Education Officer, Bhopal, Dharmendra Sharma said that the department has already issued strict instructions. Mobile phones will not be allowed in the schools. School counsellors will have to counsel students to stay away from playing such games and will look after their activities. Along with this, parents should also keep close watch on their children at home.

Officials of the Education Department have been instructed to spread awareness among students regarding the threat posed by killer “Blue Whale” game. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has also instructed its schools to make students aware of such life-risking games and counsel them to stay away from it.
In the wake of number of cases, where students risked their lives playing the game, the schools are warning parents about viral suicide game.

It is notable that the challenging dangerous Russia-based game reportedly encourages teenagers to complete daily tasks such as watching a horror movie, staying up late or self-harming over a 50-day period before they are told to commit suicide.

A number of students are attempting such games and putting their lives to risk. Therefore, mandatory instructions have been given to the schools regarding this issue. Talking to “The Hitavada”, Archbishop of Bhopal Leo Cornelio said, the role of parents is very prominent. They have to make children aware of it as well as the schools need to counsel them in proper manner. Counselling sessions must be held periodically. City schools have planned to talk to parents during parents teacher meetings about changes in the child’s behaviour, if any. The school counsellors will also be counselling students in this regard, CBSE Sahodaya Complex President Br. Alex said.