Pulses prices soften by Rs 500 per quintal in wholesale market

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Sep 2017 09:38:49



Business Bureau,

On August 5, Government had banned import of pulses from Burma. But some traders had already made payments in advance due to which the Government has allowed these traders to import pulses. It is expected that traders had booked 2 lakh tonne of pulses which will be arriving in the domestic market. As a result the pulse prices have fallen by Rs 500 per quintal in the wholesale market. “As the Government has allowed 2 lakh tonnes to be imported, the pulses prices have decreased on Sunday compared to prices on August 27 in the wholesale market,” said Pratap Motwani, Secretary of The Wholesale Grain and Seeds Merchants Association while talking to The Hitavada on Sunday.

Motwani said that traders expect the demand for pulses to be good and steady upto Diwali. Thereafter, the new produce will start to arrive in the market which could soften prices. The pulses prices are still below the minimum support price (MSP) set by the Government which is pinching the pockets of farmers.

On August 5, Government had capped import of tur from Burma. The move has affected the pulses prices in the market. Government has also planned to sell pulses of about 30 lakh tonne which it had stocked in its godowns during the year. The first e-tender of 5 lakh tonne was already floated. More e-tenders to sell pulses would be out in a phased manner, he added.

Motwani said that the pulses prices quoted in Kalamna wholesale market on Sunday compared to August 27 were as follows: Lemon tur at Rs 3,050 per quintal (Rs 3,450 per quintal), Tur Gawrani at Rs 4,400 per quintal (Rs 4,900 per quintal), Tur Dal Fatka at Rs 6,400 to Rs 6,800 per quintal (Rs 6,800 to Rs 7,200 per quintal), FOD at Rs 5,900 to Rs 6,100 per quintal (Rs 6,100 to Rs 6,500 per quintal), Moong at Rs 6,600 to Rs 7,500 per quintal (Rs 7,200 to Rs 7,800 per quintal), Urad Mogar at Rs 6,500 to Rs 9,300 per quintal (Rs 7,000 to Rs 9,800 per quintal), Masoor Dal at Rs 4,800 to Rs 5,300 per quintal (Rs 5,000 to Rs 9,800 per quintal), Lakh Lakhori Dal at Rs 2,700 to Rs 2,900 (Rs 2,800 to Rs 3,000 per quintal) and Watana at Rs 2,900 per quintal (Rs 3,100 per quintal).

In the produce of Chana Gawrani and Chana imported, the prices fell by Rs 200 to Rs 6,000 per quintal compared to Rs 6,200 per quintal quoted on August 27.

He felt that the Government should allow exports of pulses from the country to help farmers get better profit.
This would also help generate huge business opportunity for the 100 dal mills in Nagpur District. The dall mills would be able to get large orders to process various pulses for exports.

There is a huge demand for pulses from India to Middle East and other countries across the globe. Exports would bring precious foreign exchange for the country and also give a cushion for farmers to realise better remuneration for their produce.