Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Sep 2017 12:51:49

WITHIN a couple of days of two people losing their life in a garbage dump collapse in Delhi, 50 bovines have died after consuming polythene in Jind, Haryana. Both these incidents highlight how serious the problem of garbage disposal has become. Due to adoption of modern ‘use and throw’ lifestyle, garbage is being generated on massive scale.

As civic bodies lack expertise in disposing of the garbage scientifically, they simply collect it from the city and dump it on the outskirts. And as cities are growing fast, new residential colonies are coming up around garbage dumps, posing a risk to the lives of the residents who inhale obnoxious gases emanating from the garbage dump. Cows and other domestic animals are also dying in large numbers following consumption of polythene bags. It’s time, civic authorities dispose of garbage scientifically. Plastic and other material must be recycled. Power can also be generated from the waste. If garbage is utilised properly, it can become a new source of income to the civic bodies.


THAT single word -- annihilation -- describes the pathetic condition of the present Sri Lankan cricket team. Never before in recent years Sri Lanka, once among the top teams in international cricket, has slumped so low as it did before the Indian team during the just concluded one-day series, which the host team lost 0-5 and earlier 0-3 in the test series. There is no denying that the current Indian team led by mercurial Virat Kohli is one of the best in the world and plays its game with lot of passion.

But it is also true that the Sri Lankans showed absolute lack of determination and application to stop the Kohli juggernaut. It appeared that neither the Sri Lankan batsmen nor their bowlers had the class to pose any challenge to the absolutely unstoppable Virat men. All through both the series, the domination of the touring Indian team over the hosts was absolute. The huge margins with which the Indian team won all the matches during this tour showed that it was sheer one-sided affair with meek surrender by the Sri Lankan team.