Grain merchants demand CM to abolish ‘Mandi Cess’ on rice

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Sep 2017 09:22:06


Business Bureau,

The Wholesale Grain and Seeds Merchant Association has demanded the State Government to abolish Mandi Cess on rice.
Association Secretary Pratap Motwani met Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and submitted a representation. He told the Chief Minister that was no Cess on any process genes.

Even pulses are also exempted from Mandi Cess. “There should not be any cess on rice as it is process from of Dhan (raw rice). Government is already taking cess on Dhan. It should not t impose cess on rice as it automatically increases the price of rice. Even there is cess on Kanki (which is the also a variety of rice),” he added.

Motwani also reminded Fadnavis that along with Sontash Agrawal, President of the Association, a delegation had met and discussed the same issue.
Motwani also requested the Chief Minister to decrease the Mandi Cess from Rs 1.05 to 50 paise only. “Now the brokerage (adat) is 2 per cent on Rs 100 is taken from consumers and not from farmers. It should be 1 per cent on Rs 100,” he demanded.

Even repetition of cess on purchasing from different mandis is also making the price of the commodity costly.
“Repetition of cess must be stopped, on one commodity, one time cess should be taken,” Motwani suggested.
After giving a patient hearing, the Chief Minister assured the Motwani that very soon an appropriate decision on the matter would be taken.