Is it right time to switch jobs?

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Sep 2017 12:10:28


There are many employees today who are looking for a change. Many are unhappy over the fact that they had to go through some forced austerity measures adopted by their employers. 

Now, how risky will it be to enter into a new organisation? Before you take any decision, remember that is usually the new entrants who are the first ones to be handed over the pink slip in case companies are forced to do.

So the questions remains should one change jobs in today's situation? The simple answer is if you are more or less conformable with your present job than it is better to remain in the same company. In case you have a job you are not happy with, try to stick to that job in its current scenario. You must remain with your current job and only make a move when the economy improve.

At the moment you can prepare yourself by brushing up your professional skills. So that when the economy is back on track, you can switch over to a favorable job. The reality never changes in the world of job searches in economic showdown, you will need longer time to search for jobs that during normal or booming time.

A lot of people are opting to hunker down, preferring the security of what they know to the uncertainty inherent with a change of employment. So far the time being should you politely tell the recruiter no thanks regardless of what kind of opportunity he is calling about.

It is not always right to say no thanks. One has to really exercise caution. Obviously , you should carefully wait any company you are considering, joining any time you are contemplating making a change. Especially now through given the volatility of the market it pays to be carefully.
You can also try to negotiate some protection for yourself. If you are signing a contract ask for some kind of severance package if you still decide to join.

Where relocation is involved it pays to proceed with caution. If you option to go ahead with a job that involves a move, don't jump in right way with both feet. It might make sense to hang on to the house. Let the family remain behind for the time being and continue until you get a feel for how solid the situation is .

Do what is necessary to protect yourself but keep listening to what's out there in the way of opportunities. You also need to understand the real effects of an economic slowdown. The companies become very choosy and are involved in doing the following. The companies usually cutback on new research and development. They also freeze wages benefits or incentives. They sack employees and at time shut their offices. They also postpone new branches, construction, leases or employments.

You should be aware of the recent situation. Be well informed about the business trends. There is nothing you can do to stop or change these business trends. As there are more candidates to choose from the companies tend to take more time to evaluate and decide which people to hire. The compensation package will also go down from former levels.

You need to maintain confidence. At the same time be realistic. You may not be offered the same or higher compensation that were available only a year before keep a positive attitude while searching for a job. You should take this time of economic slowdown as an opportunity to figure out where you want to see yourself when the bad times are over.
If things are not really bad in your present company, it is better that you stay back until the job market improves significantly. There are some jobs being opened up across various sectors.
(Compiled by Madhukar Chute, Prof/ HOD, Vocational Department, Raosaheb Thaware Jr. College, Nagpur)