Kathak dancer Neha Banerjee is ‘Mrs Universe Bravery 2017’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Sep 2017 10:32:02


Staff Reporter,

The grand stage with hundreds of viewers and top judges at Durban in South Africa were curious to watch ‘Kathak’ performance by a Nagpur-born Neha Banerjee. Suddenly, the song for the dance performance could not be played due to some technical glitch. Without getting nervous, a strong willing Neha showed her presence of mind and started dancing to the tunes of the song sung by her.

The classical performance without any music hit the stage and was liked by one and all. The spontaneous yet confident act of Neha helped her clinch the prestigious title of ‘Mrs Universe Bravery 2017’. Besides, she won two additional titles -- ‘Mrs Universe with Beautiful Eyes 2017’ and stood sixth runner-up during ‘Mrs Universe Pageant, 2017’. The event was held in South Africa recently wherein 184 married women from all over the world participated.
The three beautiful winning titles by the mother of a 9-year-old daughter, Neha Banerjee has brought laurels not only to the city but also the nation. Besides a beauty queen, Neha is a renowned Kathak dancer. She has won many awards for her Kathak performance at national-level and is felicitated many a times.

Mrs Universe Durban 2017 was the 40th Annual Mrs Universe Pageant, a ten days event was organised in African continent. Married women between age group of 21 and 45 years participated in the contest.
Neha, who is 34-year-old, originally hails from Nagpur, she is currently staying at Chennai with her family. Interestingly, it should be known that a classical dancer, Neha has a slight angle in her left leg. She has been carrying the physical fault from the age of 18 when she met with a major accident in the city.

“6 rods were placed by the doctors inside her left leg. Doctor had warned her not to continue her passion of dancing. But a determined and passionate dancer didn’t stop. She continued her practice without informing anybody and won many award for her Kathak performance,” informed a proud mother, Sudha Fauzdar.

At the age of 22, a post graduate Neha got married to a well qualified Biswadev Banerjee in the year 2004. With the support of her husband, she continued her dance performances. However, the thought of participating in the beauty contest struck her in 2016 when she came to know about Fem Mrs India auditions. Earlier she had participated in a beauty contest where she won the title of Mrs Pathbreaker and Mrs Best Physique in Delhi.

She won the Fem Mrs India title in December 2016 that helped her to take entry in Mrs Universe pageant 2017.
Besides her performance, her charm and smiling face was appreciated widely by the audience at the event. She proved her skill by speaking extempore about domestic violence and how to walk out of it positively. She displayed true Indian Rajputana culture in the cultural round.

Sharing an important message with women, a proud mom and a winner, Neha said, “No one will give you freedom. No one will give you liberty. Wake up you beauties, its your right. Go and get it.” She gives credit of her success to her ever supportive husband, in-laws, parents and her daughter.