MIA demands CETP in Hingna Industrial Area

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Sep 2017 09:40:05


Business Bureau,

Expressing concern over pollution of water bodies around Hingna, MIDC Industries Association (MIA) has demanded the concerned authorities to speed up the long pending proposal of setting up a common effluent treatment plant (CETP) MIDC, Hingna Industrial Area.
Captain C M Randhir, President of MIA told The Hitavada on Monday that he was not satisfied with the existing system of effluent treatment which was eventually polluting Vena river and some of the lakes.

With no common facility for the industries in Hingna MIDC, as of now the manufacturers are supposed to carry the effluent by tankers to a facility at Butibori putting financial burden of Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000 per tanker on them.
“According to a rough estimate, 25 to 30 tankers filled with effluent are being taken to Butibori every day. But it seems that the there is disparity in the number of tankers being carried out and the amount of effluent generated in the MIDC area,” Randhir said estimating that more than 100 tankers of the harmful effluent might be coming out of the units in Hingna.

He said, some of the unauthorised manufacturing units based in Amar Nagar and Mohite Layout dump industrial waste directly into Vena river and the nearby nullahs.
Besides, sources said that many established manufacturers pay no heed towards industrial waste. “On many occasions, when the State Pollution Control Board rejects effluent and ask the concerned manufacturers to retreat the material, they avoid the reputation and dump the harmful effluent in open places. Ideally they are supposed to take back the effluent and minimise the quantity of harmful contents,”
he said.

MIA has been demanding the facility in Hingna so that the local manufacturers could save their spending on carrying effluent to treatment plant at Butibori.
It is important to note that for over 15 years, MIA is struggling to built a common facility in Hingna.
There is a piece of land reserved for the purpose but for one or the other reason, the proposal of the much-needed facility is gathering dust.