Counsellors help rescue kids from grip of ‘Blue Whale’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Sep 2017 11:25:42


By Ankita Garg and Shaily Acharya

The killer ‘Blue Whale’ game has raised concerns world-wide. Even in Bhopal, many students came in its touch, but their alert parents came to their rescue by acting like a good Samaritan. They took their children to clinics of psychologists for counselling which helped them in overcoming the threat posed by the game. Now, these children are living a normal life.

“My 14-year-old son started the game challenge after
listening to it’s popularity. He was much excited about the game level but I was literally scared. I took leave from office for ten days and started spending time with my child. I tried to keep him busy continuously by watching movies, playing cricket and household works with me. Finally, I successfully convinced him to uninstall the game and switch off the phone number forever,” said Devaki Gupta, a mother living in Danish Nagar. She further said, she struggled hard to convince her son but she did this.

“About 10 to 15 parents contacted me for counselling their kids as they are spending too much time in games. A few of them were at initial stage of the deadly Blue Whale game, but they stopped their challenge immediately with continuous and proper counselling and even switched off the phone number,” said Dr Zafar Khan. City’s known Psychologist Dr Vinay Mishra said, “Four parents enquired for awareness about the deadly game. They asked me how to keep children away from such games.

Now, parents are much aware and they are watching their kids and continuously contacting counsellors to be saved from such incidents.” Another counsellor Dr Vaibhav Dubey said, “Much popularity and hypes of the game is attracting kids to take the challenge. They think I they would do this smartly and nothing would happen to them. I have seen a few cases in which children are excited to play the game.”

Dr Ruma Bhattacharya said, “I am going through a strange case in which a class 5 girl is terrified with the Blue Whale game. She is dreaming everyday that someone is forcing her to play the game. I am counselling her as she is scared too much.”

She further added a parent contacted her for class 11 boy who was searching for the game on internet. They were worried and asked the counsellor how to keep their ward away from the game. A girl also contacted Dr Bhattacharya for her brother who was asking to play the game continuously.