Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Sep 2017 12:17:43

CLEANING of the holy river Ganga, the pet project of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, is a massive task. Ever since the regime of former Prime Minister late Rajiv Gandhi, efforts were being made to clean the river but in vain for various reasons. However, the NDA Government has taken up the project-Namami Gange-with all seriousness. Results of this are noticeable, particularly at Varanasi Ghats, which are now much cleaner.

As the river Ganga passes through several cities and towns, which dump untreated sewage, garbage and industrial waste into it every day, cleaning it would be a demanding task for anyone. Fortunately, the mantle of cleaning Ganga has now fallen on Transport Minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari, who is wellknown as a task-master.

Soon after assuming the charge of his additional responsibilities of Ganga rejuvenation, Mr. Gadkari announced setting up of a task force for speeding up the project. He said, various targets would be set in a time-bound manner. With Mr. Gadkari at the helm, cleaning of Ganga would be on the fast track.


THERE may be some strategic reasons in the past for not adeuately developing critical infrastructure in the northeastern region bordering China. But the recent events in the region have made the Government and top level strategic thinkers to take a critical review of the situation.

The Doka La stand-off has necessitated the Government to do some fresh and immediate thinking in building infrastructure that would act as security assets from country’s security point of view.

That several agencies are involved in the planning and execution process for building infrastructure in the critically important northeastern region of the country shows the importance the Government attaches to the creation of road networks, bridges, power supply etc. This shows that the Government realises the importance of creating such infrastructure for facilitating rapid movement of our security machine and men to the border areas as a quick response to any moves by the enemy from across the border. At Doka La the Indian Army showed its readiness to respond.