Special technique used for Painless delivery at BRAMH

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Sep 2017 10:54:13


Staff Reporter,


Labor Analgesia Technique for painless delivery was successfully performed by the team of doctors at Dr BR Ambedkar Memorial Hospital (BRAMH) recently. The baby and mother both are in good health.

As per information received from officials of BRAMH the technique has been tried by the doctors on a patient from Ashok Nagar. She was suffering from acute labor pain when she was admitted in the hospital. The team of doctors performed the first successful operation on August 28 using Labor Analgesia technique in which the woman experienced painless delivery. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Complications like excessive bleeding and other medical problems were not faced by her during the delivery.

Doctors informed that in the process of Labor Analgesia, Epidural Analgesia process is very effective. In the process a catheter is inserted on back of the pregnant lady and pain killer medicines are inserted on regular interval of time to control the labor pain. The woman feels no labor pain while the delivery is performed in natural process without obstacle.
The process is especially helpful for those patients who are suffering from heart disease, severe anaemia related diseases.
As per Dr Jyoti Jaiswal, Gynaecologist the technique of Labour Analgesia never interrupts the labour pain but the pain signals are not allowed to reach brain of the pregnant woman, therefore she never feels the pain. She gave birth to a healthy baby weighing 3 kilograms.

The department had recently started a research in the subject she added.
The woman informed that it was her second baby and during delivery of baby she had experienced 12 hours of labor pain. This time by the use of the new technique she had undergone pain free delivery.

She appreciated the efforts made by the doctors and staff of BRAMH. Under the guidance of Head of Department of Gynaecologist Dr Tripti Nagriya and Anaesthesia Department Head Dr Pratibha Jain Shah, Anaesthetist Dr Jaya Lalwani and Gynaecologist Dr Jyoti Jaiswal and their team conducted the delivery successfully.