‘Pitru Paksha’ commences on religious note

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Sep 2017 10:29:44


Staff Reporter,


The important ‘Moksha Parv’ of Hindus, ‘Pithru Paksha’ also called as ‘Shraddh Paksha’ that is dedicated to Pithru devatas or ancestors who are dead began on Wednesday. As per religious belief this year it started from September 6 and will end on September 20. People were seen reaching the ponds since morning for performing the tarpan rituals. After taking bath and Surya Darshan they prayed to god for the ancestor’s soul to rest in peace.

One such programme of Shraddh and Tarpan began at Gayatri Pragyapeeth, Hudco where male and also female members of the family are performing Shraddh and Tarpan Sanskar. This rituals are being performed free of cost at the temple under the aegis of Gayatri Pragyamandal and Maa Gayatri Mahila Mandal, Amdi Nagar, Hudco. The rituals are been carried out here from 7.00 am to 8.30 am and will conclude on September 20. Krishna Kumar Belchandan, Jhadiram Dewangan, Omkar Prasad Soni, Ramesh Tahanguriya, Pranil Belchandan and others are contributing their efforts for the successful organization of the rituals at the temple premises.

According to the Hindu Mythology, Shraddh that is performed during this time reached to their ancestor’s soul to rest in peace. As per the Rudras act families of the dead ancestors during this Pitru Paksha perform some ritual and offer food to their dead ancestors. And ancestors bless those who perform this ritual. The last day of the Pitru Paksha is considered to be very important and is mostly
performed in banks of river or in temples.

It is also said that performing Shraddh is very beneficial for the dead ancestors as all the sinful acts that are performed by the dead person get clean. And those souls of which Shraddh is not performed said to be wandering aimlessly in earth. People during Pitru Paksha keep fast and stay away from eating non-vegetarian foods. Some even don’t shave or cut their hair till the last of the day of Shraddh.

On the other hand on the first day of the Shraddh vegetables like beans and ridge-gourd have soared high. The black beans and ridge-gourd prices reached to Rs 120 and Rs 80 per kg. It is said that for tarpan during Pitru Paksha people use these vegetables. People reaching market to purchase these vegetables got shocked hearing the sky rocketing prices. The vegetable vendors made the utmost use of these opportunities and made
huge profit.