3 more Swine Flu cases reported

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Sep 2017 10:56:27


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One Swine Flu case in State Capital and two in Bhilainagar

With two more positive cases of Swine Flu reported at Bhilainagar and 1 in Raipur, now the cases of swine flu detected across Chhattisgarh turned into 45 in a short span of one and a half months. As swine flu silently continues to claim lives this year, an analysis of 45 cases as well as 7 deaths, in the State due to the virus has shown that 40 victims are in the age group of 18 to 50 years which accounted of 90%. On the other hand, in deaths owing to swine flu infection too, 84% cases or patients were of these age groups.

Dr R K Dewangan, one of the senior medical officials at the state, said the analysis shows many were started on Oseltamivir on the fifth and sixth days. ‘The protocol is to start medication within 48 hours of observing symptoms. We have sent a circular to all doctors asking them to put a symptomatic patient on Oseltamivir without waiting for test results, but that’s clearly not happening’ he pointed.

Citing an example, he said a rural person exhibited classic H1N1 symptoms: sore throat and high-grade fever. The doctor from a well-known hospital in capital Raipur sent his swab for testing and waited for four days till the report confirmed swine flu before putting him on Oseltamivir. ‘Fortunately, the young man recovered. If this had happened to a patient with an underlying co-morbid condition or severely compromised immunity for some reason, it would have definitely been fatal,’ said Dr Dewangan.

Another doctor Dr K C Jain said 90% of patients he has treated had been on self-medication for at least two or three days. ‘People are still casual about the disease. What’s worse, those who are immune-compromised and are already on medication are even more causal. For them, sporadic bouts of fever and sore throat are common. This is where patients are going wrong’.

Most of the doctors were of the view that H1N1 virus is attacking people of all age groups and also claiming lives of different age groups, recent one is the deaths of 55 year old pediatrician Dr Kothari of Bhilainagar. But still it has been found that over two-third detected patients of this infection reported in the state are of youngsters less than age group of 45 years. Although the immune system of youngsters is stronger than children as well as senior citizens but careless attitude of them in their day to day life schedule cause serious health problems to them and as a result many of them come in contact of this deadly virus too.

Dr S Sawant asserted that it is really a major issue that most of the younger generations do not take their diet and other things properly and because of it, they come in contact of many infections. To protect body from swine flu infection, it is better people should avoid to eat outside and do not take water of any area. They also try to clean their areas and do not put them at risk by ignoring many things.