BCLL to start ticketing through Paytm

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Sep 2017 11:28:21


By Pallavi Singh,

Bhopal City Link Limited (BCLL) will soon be starting virtual ticketing through Paytm. Through virtual ticketing system commuters will be able to generate tickets using Paytm and will made payment using the app. This new initiative has been taken by BCLL in order to make the ticketing system more transparent and hassle-free which will also curb money leakage. As per sources, initially the Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS) will be operational on 77 bus stops in the BRTS corridor, out of which virtual ticketing will start on 44 bus stops in the first phase.

Under the virtual ticketing a unique QR code will be given to every bus stop. Once the commuter will scan QR code in Paytm app it will automatically detect the name of source stop. IT will then inquire about the destination and the number of tickets. Once the details are filled and payment is done in the app using wallet virtual ticket will be generated and the user will receive it in the app. He can then use the same to open the flap gate at stop which will be configured to read the bar code.

“The flap gate machines installed at the stops still need to be configured for reading the code. Till then the volunteer deployed at BRTS stop will check the virtual ticket and will open the flap gate using his card. Post system updation and configuration human intervention will not be required in the system and commuters will be able to pass through flap gate with the bar code reading. Initially, this arrangement will be functional on Bairagarh to Misrod route,” said a Paytm representative. Flap gates installed at BRTS stops serve the purpose of ensuring that nobody enters or leaves the stop without ticket.

As per BCLL sources out of 44 bus stops on which virtual ticketing will start in the first phase, 33 have automatic fare collection machines and automatic flap gates, and will soon be installed on the remaining 11 bus stops. Out of 77 stops, the virtual ticketing will start on remaining 33 stops in the second phase.

This system will not only facilitate the public transport but will also provide a hassle free payment method, besides curbing money leakages through various sources. It will also become easier to nab people travelling without tickets with the installation of flap gates. BCLL still has to deal with the problem of people asking drivers to stop the bus in middle of roads and at places other than bus stops. People who travel without tickets often escape this way and with virtual ticketing coming in it will become easier for them to get away without ticket.

Talking about this problem, PRO, BCLL, Sanjay Soni said, “Virtual ticketing will facilitate travelling for people using public transport and will make the payment system easy. We cannot deny the fact that this problem has persisted, but BCLL has issued clear directions to drivers and conductors to not stop buses anywhere else, but on BRTS bus stops. Volunteers have also been guided to see that nobody without tickets enters or leaves the stop. Flap gates are being installed on the remaining stops, which will help us to ensure the same.”