Transactions from mini ATMs at petrol pumps soon

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Sep 2017 11:26:26


By Ankita Garg,

Petrol stations across city will soon introduce mini ATMs with chip card where people can avail cash dispensing, payment for fuel and other transaction only with your thumb impression. Only condition is that your Aadhaar card should be registered with the concern bank account.

According to sources, petrol pumps in city are introducing mini ATMs with card machine where all kind of cards including debit card, credit card, global card, visa cards, fuel company card, A to Z cards would be accessible. The project has been introduced by Central Government and HDFC Bank is supporting for the transactions and ATM installation. “We are working on the project to introduce mini ATM at all petrol stations in city within two months. The machine has been already installed at few petrol pumps in Itarsi, Sehore districts,” said V K Gupta, Project Officer, Indian Oil Corporation. He further informed that earlier petrol pumps were using chip card machine separately for payments.
They also access Point of Sale Machine (PoS) where one can pay for the fuel using debit/credit cards.

V K Gupta said mini ATM is modified machine and it would provide cash to the people with single swipe of card. “If you do not have card at the time of transaction, you can use your thumb impression to get the cash. You do not need to use your signature or other physical mode to get the cash,” added controller Gupta. He said that the project is being supported by HDFC Bank and process of machine installation and registration is going on for past one month. Project officer Gupta said, people will be able to access their all kind of cards. Earlier, people were not able to use all kind of cards.

“It will be big facility for people travelling out of home town. One can get instant cash just with thumb impression. I personally appreciated this government scheme which allows people to debit their money instantly without queuing at banks,” added Gupta. However, it is important that your Aadhaar card should be registered with your bank account no so that bank can match your thumb impression, signature and other details while debiting the amount.