BMHRC’s cancer detection device awaits Govt nod

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Sep 2017 11:13:16


Staff Reporter,

Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre (BMHRC) has a research wing to make research on the different diseases, particularly those diseases of which gas victims or their family members suffer. But this hospital’s research wing had invented a small device to check cancer among the patients. But this new device could not be brought in use by the Government of India for last six months.

Senior doctor in BMHRC thought that if the Government of India opened its use, it will save time of the doctors and patients’ money from costly tests which reports are also delayed. By just getting a few drops of blood, this device can detect whether the patient has cancer.

According to information from BMHRC, a few months ago, hospital’s Research Wing not only invented this small device, but also used it on experimental basis and succeeded in detecting the cancer. They made aware the doctors from clinic side in the hospital about it and they surprised knowing about this device which was result of years of efforts by senior doctors.

The BMHRC research wing is understood to have sent device and all details related to it to the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) and Government of India. Bringing this new device into use is Government’s policy decision. When the Government takes policy decision about any drugs or such medical device after examining it is brought into market.

World Health Organisation also examines before given approval to the Government of India but there is no communication from the Government of India in this regard, it is the reason why BMHRC research wing is also mum over the whole issue of device. Doctors are imparted training of it how to check cancer among the patients through this device and how accurate is its result.

When contacted, Dr Punit Gandhi, Head of Research Wing, Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre (BMHRC), said the Research Wing invented a device to check cancer from tumour. It is first in itself in Central India. We have sent all documents and device to Government of India. However, I had made aware about it to the clinical doctors of the hospital but it cannot be in use without permission of the Government of India, she said.

Dr Gandhi said that it would be the Government of India’s decision whether it be brought in use. We are waiting decision of the Government, she said.