Swachhata Express reaches Laxmi Talkies area

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Sep 2017 12:10:41

Staff Reporter,

Swachhata Express of Bhopal Municipal Corporation reaches Laxmi Talkies area on Friday. The Bhopal Municipal Corporation cleanliness squad also penalised spot fines to the violators. Around Rs 5,200 were collected in spot fine drive in Nadira Bus Stand and market areas near Laxmi Talkies. The spot fine were imposed on around 27 shopkeepers. Who were seen violating cleanings norms and have not places dustbins near to the shops.

Besides with the help of Swachhata Express announcement were also made to the locals and shop vendors requested them to ensure cleanliness in compounds and also to place small dustbins in front of their shops. As a compulsory item each shop keepers especially street food eateries have been asked to place small dustbins in from of their shop so that no garbage is thrown at road side. Cleanliness awareness was also organised at zone number 5 and zone number 6.

It has to be noted that aggressive cleanliness campaign is being organised in city by Bhopal Municipal Corporation on regular basis. Through Swachhata Express announcement is also made which is also helping in letting people know about the importance of cleanliness in environment. In market areas regular such campaign is being conducted.

Cleanliness volunteers have pointed out that problem of throwing eatables and wet garbage in polythene bags is still common and in large dustbins when such garbage is not collected on time, flies and filthy smell spreads in the region. The concept of introduction of spit bins and small dustbins for shop vendors is also initiated to ensure cleanliness in market areas.