Ambitious National Handloom Devpt programme fails to yield desired results

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Jan 2018 11:06:41

By Piyush Shrivastava,

Re-development programme of employment based on local resources like traditional occupation, skills with community initiative under National Handloom Development programme run Comprehensive Handlooms Development Scheme failed to reap much for target group in Mahakoshal region. Yet the proposed Cluster for Handloom are on papers.

Allotments made for year 2015 to 2017 under these schemes remained in cold storage and a cluster proposed in Jabalpur remained in waiting list. In the scheme, specific for rejuvenation of traditional clusters in Central India, National Handloom Development programme has numerous provisions like development of cluster, creation of self-help groups, micro and major finances, inclusion with State and Centre run schemes as well as privileges like training and development etc. But at the initial phase cluster programmes remain in cold storage. National Handloom Development Board, Ministry of Textile Government of India for year from 2015-17 has allotted funds and approved a cluster with 50 crores expenditure in Jabalpur. For this cluster, the year 2017 passed in search of land. At different points expression of interest was raised by the members of Cluster but failed to get final shape and decision on land. Restoration of employment resources that is handloom manufacturing would also help in conservation of traditional art of weaving.

As since last two decades the participation of Handloom production in State from Jabalpur is nearly negligible. In past five years some activity has started in the city regarding development of Cluster. A handloom weavers association of Jabalpur was also constituted. This association is pursuing the proposed cluster development since last many years.

As the year for the budgets were allotted for development have passed and no work could be initiated and funds would be lapse now. According to information under Comprehensive Handloom Development Scheme offered under the National Handloom Development Program for the financial year 2014-15 the funds were released under CHDS. While under the programme for the cluster development from 2015 to 17, around 17 Cluster Development Projects were sanctioned including one in Jabalpur. A amount of Rs 51.50 crore were released targeting handloom work revival.

Ali Nazi, a member of Jabalpur Handloom Weavers Association said that in previous month in a special meeting with the authorities of industry department, handloom development department with district administration some proposals regarding land for the cluster has been made. In this a prime location is in Lema Garden near the Readymade Garment Fashion Design Cluster while another option opted is in Adhartal Industrial area.

Devvrat Mishra, General Manager, Jabalpur District Industry Centre says that in previous meeting with the Handloom Cluster office bearers the proposed site of Adhartal Industrial area has been forwarded to the State Government and approval. As soon proposed area in Adhartal Industrial Area is conformed the work on Cluster would be initiated.