MP, C’garh cadets to participate in R-Day parade

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Jan 2018 12:49:35

By Jagarati Khanna,

Humans are riding horses since they ever felt exhausted travelling on foots. If we go through history horses were the most prestigious and superior rides. Horse riding is a sport of warriors. It takes lot of strength and energy so it was also a way to showcase energy level and strength. Horses are one of the most energetic creatures on earth and due to this nature of animal our Kings and emperors used them for rides.

Horses are energetic and fast learners so are good rides in the war scenario. Like kings like our Indian army uses them to ride. These horses in Indian army are symbol of pride and honour. Maintaining this pride, 10 cadets from Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh will honour the states. They will participate in the Republic Day parade with the most decorative horses.

Republic day honours every Indian as the constitution of India came into effect on 26 January 1950. Cherry on the cake is the supremacy show of Indian armed forces and Indian culture, the Republic day parade at Red Fort New Delhi. Every Indian dreams to be the part of Republic day
carnival. So are NCC Cadets, they working hard to enhance their strength and power to follow their hobby and achieve there only dream Republic Day Camp. They tied their shoelaces hard just to give a tough competition at RDC parade and horse riding competitions. State cadets will compete with cadets selected from other states.

Numerous people are willing to catch the halter and make horse run but only few can do that. Those few are even this royal sport horse riding as dream and career. Riders fine them selves by enhancing their capabilities and strength. Also horses are very sensitive and emotional animal so they only allow people they want or are friends with. For the purpose riders from our state gives there hours to horses and now these horses are their best friends either.

Horse riding is not just an adventures sport, wish, interest, or hobby but this is an honour, it is a dream and desire for many. It feels like warrior and makes riders warrior. Riders sacrifice their food to march at the carnival with their horses and to bring laurels for city attending the parade showcasing nation's pride and honour.

Alok Choubey: Senior Under Officer, Alok Choubey opined that Horse riding is not just a sport it's a miracle. He believed that this miracle made his dreams true. Through this dream he got a chance to share a dining table with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He participated in RDC for continuous two years and now he is preparing for Indian army, as he wants to continue to serve the nation. He said after practice of several years they get a chance to participate in Republic Day Camp competitions and Republic Day Carnival. The camp made him a warrior and now he wants to be the officer in Indian army. Horse riding made him royal and his heart lovable.

Colonel Pratap Bhanu,1 MP R&V Sqn, informed that after years of hard work and patience these riders achieved the honour of making their horse march at Supremacy show of Indian armed forces and Indian culture. They compromise their nap just to take a good care of horses. They do guided exercises, which is not so easy and takes instructed diet only. Horses are fast learners so rider should be faster than the horse. He also mentioned that RDC clears the way to Indian army. The discipline taught while riding makes riders capable enough to serve the nation ahead.

Cadet Yaman Deshmukh said he is practicing horse riding since last three years and he really wants to get selected for RDC. It's his dream to secure a gold medal with his horse Vijay.

Cadet Jagriti believes that riders reach ground with sun up to practice horse riding. Selected cadets are practicing horse riding since a long. Girls and boys are doing numerous workouts and taking planned diets to control their weight to meet the standards for RDC. They know these tough days may result in prideful participation in the nations most festive carnival on Republic Day.

Senior Under Officer Rahul Khatri opined that horse riding is really a tough job and he is practicing the same from last 3 years. He lost 8 kg weight in a month to get selected in RDC. He won gold medal with his horse Gold mine. Horse riding is a sport of braves and animal lovers. It doest makes people royal but makes people royal as the sport teaches various royal qualities like leadership, sportsman ship and patriotism as well.

Subedar Gopal Kumar- Senior Junior Commission Officer and the head instructor informed that horse riding is an adventures sport. It teaches leadership and sportsmen spirit. Firstly they teach horseman ship, mount, dismount, Walk, trot, trot pole and numerous jumps to the riders.

Instructor Subedar Rampal 2MP Remount & Veterinary SQN NCC, Mhow says horse riding is not an easy job, it is an adventures sport and requires lot of strength and stamina. Riders need to work really hard to get familiar with their horses and to learn riding. Running with the horse and working out for an hour burns almost equal amount of calories. At the end of the program participants lined up and horses took sand bath to relax them.