State Govt’s ‘certified’ gift to lakhs of children from SC/ST category

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Jan 2018 14:28:20

Staff Reporter,


Dec 31,

As a New Year gift to lakhs of children from SC/ST category, the State Government issued orders for issuing caste certificates on the basis of newly approved phonetic values of names of various caste groups in various dialects on Saturday. This includes 66 phonetic values of 22 Scheduled Caste groups and 19 phonetic values of five groups of Scheduled Tribe. The order has been issued while exercising the provisions laid under Chhattisgarh SC/ST/OBC (Regulation for Certification of Social Status) Act, 2013 and therein under Chhattisgarh SC/ST/OBC (Regulation for Certification of Social Status) Rule, 2013, with an objective to make understand the caste certificate issuance procedure easily, as an supplementary measure.

It is worth mentioning here that Chhattisgarh Cabinet chaired by Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh on December 19, had in a historical decision in the interest of Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes, approved the Phonetic Values of names of various caste groups in various dialects. Later the same was tabled in the Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly by the Chief Minister.

The Cabinet had decided to give recognition to 85 phonetic values of 27 Scheduled groups prevailing in Chhattisgarh. This will make it convenient for the people of these groups to get caste certificates on the basis of phonetic values of the names of their castes, mentioned in the revenue records and other documents, in their local dialects. Also 42 caste groups under Scheduled Tribe and 44 caste groups under Scheduled Caste have been enlisted. In many of these caste groups, different phonetic value is found in various dialects. As the list has been originally issued in English language and Roman dialect and its Hindi version has been only issued only as Hindi notification. Hence, due to difference in pronunciation of the names in various dialects, people of these scheduled castes and scheduled tribes were facing inconvenience in getting their caste or tribe certificates issued.

Considering these problems, the state government had constituted a four-member committee of linguists and entrusted it with the responsibility to identify the phonetic value in various dialects for these names of scheduled tribes and scheduled castes written in Roman script and provide recommendations for the best suited words in Devnagri script as names pronounced in local dialects. Committee submitted its report on December 14, mentioning phonetic values of names of 22 castes under scheduled castes and 5 castes under scheduled tribes, which have been given recognition by the Cabinet on December 19. This includes various phonetic values of names of 22 groups of scheduled tribe and 19 phonetic values names of groups under of scheduled castes. 

Accordingly, a table depicting the phonetic value names was also approved by the Cabinet, wherein one column is of names of castes in Roman script and another column is of photenic values of these names, for reference purpose in the issuance of caste certificates by General Administration Department. However it has been clarified that the said order will be applicable for such cases where after proper scrutiny the applicant is found to be from the notified castes but his or her revenue records there is a variance in phonetic values for his or her caste name.