For the first time, full water storage at Dhapewada barrage

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Jan 2018 09:15:31


Staff Reporter,

At a Glance Project -- Dhapewada lift irrigation scheme at Kaulewada in Tirora tehsil of Gondia district on river Wainganga.

A barrage and pump-house constructed on river Wainganga. A pump-house to be constructed at Bodalkasa.

Original estimated cost -- Rs 917 crore

Revised estimated cost -- Rs 2,024 crore

Project got environmental clearance in 2011.

Water storage of 44.05 million cubic metres built on January 1, 2018

Phase-I to irrigate 10,171 hectares area

Phase-II to irrigate 90,146 hectares area

131 hectares of forest land required for Phase-III, survey in progress

Land acquisition award approved for private lands in nine villages in the vicinity of river banks, aid distribution completed.
(As per the information provided by District Information Office).

January 1, 2018, was a historic date for Dhapewada barrage near village Kaulewada in Tirora tehsil of Gondia district on river Wainganga. For, on this date, for the first time water storage was full to the designed capacity of 44.05 million cubic metres.

As a result of this storage, water will be available for irrigation purposes to 1,00,000 hectares of area including 10,171 hectares in the first phase, and 90,146 hectares in the second phase. Besides, as water is being stored in 15 lakes, Dhapewada barrage is likely to prove a boon for Bhandara and Gondia districts. The barrage is 413 metres long, and there are 13 gates to it. Considering that river Wainganga has water till the months of April and May, Vidarbha Irrigation Development Corporation (VIDC) has planned use of 14.27 TMC water.

According to officials, the work on Dhapewada barrage was completed in the year 2013. However, as 18 works of bridges and road elevation in the submergence area upstream were pending, the project could not achieve water storage to its designed capacity. “As the works have been completed in the year 2017, the project was full to the capacity with water. This project will prove to be a boon for Tiroda in Gondia, and Tumsar in Bhandara as far as irrigation is concerned,” stated Avinash Surve, Executive Director of VIDC.

Given the deteriorating water stock in the reservoirs in Gondia district, owing to deficient rainfall, the productivity and production of paddy took a hit. Against this backdrop, Water Resources Department officials prepared a plan to ensure that Dhapewada barrage could lend some help to farmers. The water stored in the project now offers a great sight. The stored water has an expanse of 12 kms. Apart from irrigation, water from the project could be used to quench the thirst of villages facing scarcity in summer.

Under the Dhapewada lift irrigation scheme, a barrage and a pump-house were constructed on river Wainganga. Besides, a pump-house will be constructed at Bodalkasa so that water could be released to 15 connected lakes.

According to Anil Gadekar, District Information Officer, the project could be completed with the efforts of Vijay Rahangdale, MLA; Avinash Surve, Executive Director of VIDC; A R Kamble, Chief Engineer; Narvekar, Superintending Engineer; Falke, Executive Engineer, and others. The project would bring about a social and economic transformation in the lives of farmers in Gondia and Bhandara districts, he added.