I have achieved everything; it’s tough to set new goals: Paes

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Jan 2018 10:32:36



AT 44, WITH 18 Grand Slam titles and an Olympic medal in his cupboard, Leander Paes is finding it “tough to set new goals” but still spent his off-season getting stronger to remain relevant in modern day tennis, which is being dominated by brute power.

Many of his contemporaries have become coaches and many of his juniors have already hung racquets but this Indian legend’s hunger for tennis is far from satiated.
“For me the off-season is about skill, endurance, weights, core, back, reinventing my game because now the game has become physical. All these boys are 6’3”, 6’5”. They are so strong, that your reaction time becomes less because the ball is being hit so hard.

“Building power means that the serve can be powerful. The forehand can be stronger. You can come back with a new style of doubles. So, the off-season for me is more about physical fitness and also about setting new goals because I am finding it very tough to set new goals,” Paes told PTI in an exclusive interview.

The question of retirement keeps popping now and then with many wondering what keeps him going?
“Right now I am going through a beautiful part of my tennis career, where I don’t need to prove anything. To be able to still control the ball to be still able to command the court, it still motivates me.” The legendary player hinted that he wants to develop into a role model.

“I enjoy the game. I have achieved everything, I wanted to. Now I am playing for myself. I want to motivate people around the world that if Leander can do something even through hard and tough times, If I can keep that health and fitness and happiness about my life, then everybody else can.
“We live in times, where life is very hard.”