Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Jan 2018 11:30:16










WITH an alarming rise in cyber crimes, the advice given by the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, to top police officials to give highest priority to dealing with such cases is timely. The Prime Minister is pushing people to go digital, because of its advantages like transparency, curbing of corruption, quick action and saving travel time of the people, among others. All the monetary transactions can now be done conveniently, using smartphones from any place. This has helped the country in reducing the use of paper currency. However, even as e-transactions have increased, so have cyber crimes. Gullible people are being duped in a big way by the tricksters who seek details of debit and credit card PIN, and hackers, who gain access to the bank accounts and withdraw money. Terrorists are also moving funds electronically to carry on their activities. Social media is also being used in a big way by the ultras to communicate and indulge in false propaganda to brainwash and recruit youths. It has thus become imperative to deal with cyber crime.


THE defeat of Indian cricket team in the first Test against South Africa is heart-breaking, to say the least. Despite its dismal start, India was beginning to regain its composure and had created an impression that winning was the only outcome in its favour. Still, on the fourth day, in two quick sessions, condition changed from winning to losing, marking a great failure on the part of Indian batsmen. Obviously, the Indian batsmen could not get over the jinx that they cannot perform to the their best in away conditions. While the bowlers kept India in contention until the end, the batsmen failed, inviting one of the most heart-breaking defeats ever in recent times. If only one or two Indian batsmen had held their ground, they could have easily crossed the winning line. This match should be treated as a classic case of India’s predicament on foreign tours. Even as the team did exceedingly well in the home conditions, the Indians still do not seem to have mastered the mindset needed for foreign challenge. For Virat Kohli and his boys, this is a special challenge.