Women stepping out, fighting for justice: Baghel

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Jan 2018 11:05:23


Staff Reporter,

Though Madhya Pradesh is enlisted among top States of the country pertaining to crime against women especially rape cases, and it is distressing too. But it also indicates towards the level of awareness and courage, the women in the State have to fight for justice. Now the women are coming forward to register cases of abuses they went through. The scenario is really encouraging especially in case of rape that at least now, women are stepping out and fight to get justice, said Anju Singh Baghel, Member of Madhya Pradesh State Women Commission.

Baghel was in the city on Tuesday to participate in the hearing of Joint Bench of State Women Commission with Surya Chouhan, another member of the State Women Commission.

The State Women Commission member continued that earlier, innumerable rape cases had gone unnoticed because the victims and their families were not courageous
enough to register complaint against the injustice they had to suffer. They just didn’t want to go through the social trauma and shame the incident brought once get registered in police. Still, in many states, hundreds and thousands of incident are going unnoticed because victims are not coming to police with the complaint. She applauded the courageous step taken by the State’s Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan by tabling the recent Bill aiming at stringent punishment for those convicted of rape of girls aged 12 or below. Now, as per the bill, those who would be convicted for raping the young girl aged 12 years or below, will face gallows.

This indicates towards the sincere efforts being made by the State Government to bring down the graph of crime against women in the State. Baghel further appealed the parents to inject Sanskar among their kids especially boys.

“I personally sense the lack of touch of Sanskar (culture) among the representatives of upcoming generation. The parents should teach their children how to respect girls and women as a human being. They should know that whether she is a homemaker or a professional, the woman has the right to get respect for the self-esteem and dignity she is carrying,” said the Commission member. She later accepted with heavy heart that many women are misusing the law, especially Dowry Act just to teach a lesson to their in-laws.
“The women should understand that the laws are for their protection not for taking revenge or settling issues. Many innocents have gone behind bars as the women falsely implicate them misusing the law. This forced the law maker to make amendment and instructing the law imposing departments not to take immediate action without investigation,” she added.