‘Science Circus’ successful in adding ‘life’ to science

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Jan 2018 08:54:50


By Rajendra Diwe,

Science is a base of our existence. Entire life on this earth is based on a strong foundation of scientific principles. Unfortunately, students, teachers and even common people are not paying attention to these principles. Therefore, a scientific attitude is needed to understand the scientific principles.

‘Science Circus’ organised by Seva Sadan Education Society at its Seva Sadan High School in city on Wednesday was successful in adding a lot of ‘life to science’ and about 100 students of standard VIII, IX and X enjoyed this circus of a difference.

It is said, “Education is not just the lessons we learn in classrooms from our teachers. It’s not just the theory in text books, exercise in workbooks and experiments in labs. Education is the science of life. It’s an attitude that makes us what we are and an approach that gets along us in every walk of life. It’s something that appeals and means more as we start exploring.”

Acting on this simple principle, Latitudez and Mind Work Education from Pune have made education more meaningful and exciting with the concept of ‘Science Circus’.
The ‘Science Circus’ was held in three classrooms of Seva Sadan High School. The rooms were given names of Indian scientists like ‘Dr Homi Bhabha, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and Dr C.V Raman.’ Students of standard VIII, IX and X with different scientific models confidently narrating the scientific principles.

The models were based on basic scientific principles like centrifugal force, centripetal force, potential energy, kinetic energy, gravitational force, centre of gravity, magnetic field, inertia, reflection and refraction of light, convex and concave mirrors, principle of day and light, Newton’s laws of motion, DNA structure, solar energy, law of thermodynamics etc. Students explaining the scientific principles also shared their knowledge about applications of these principles in day to day life.

Hemlata Akarte, Head Mistress of Seva Sadan High School said, “Mind Work Education an organisation from Pune has designed interesting scientific models for students. There was an information about this organisation on ABP Maza and we contacted the organisers to hold Science Circus in Seva Sadan High School. This is for the first time, the team of Mind Works Education organised the event in city.”
Not only the students but also the teachers have thrilled to witness the ‘circus’ in our school, she added.

Parag Jahagirdar, an engineer from Pune and Partner of Mind Work Education pointed out, “This project should not be confused with science exhibition. This is named as ‘Science Circus’ because circus is something where children get lot of fun. Students played with the models, they have handled them with enthusiasm and understood the principles easily. Our aim is to create happiness and pleasure by educating science and mathematics.”

“This project is designed for the children who never get an opportunity to study science in correct way. In cities like Mumbai or Pune, many schools have modern technologies and models. They also have facilities of internet, powerpoint projectors and study the science through animation or designs. The children from economically backward people studying in municipal or government schools do not get such pleasure. Therefore, our team is travelling throughout the state and conduct ‘Science Circus’ in such schools,” Jahagirdar stated.

Science Circus was held in different districts in Western Maharashtra, North Maharashtra, Konkan area. For the first time, we have organised the same in Vidarbha. It was held in Bhandara district for three days and in Seva Sadan High School, the only school in Nagpur, he added.

Pradeep Bhute, a science teacher stated, “It was indeed a very different experience for us. With the motto, ‘come, play and explore, the world of science’, a team of mind work education engaged more than 100 students of our school in the circus. Each student and teacher has handled different science models, played scientific games and activities. They also experienced principles, reasons and concepts of science behind every day to day activity in life. The circus has been successful in building confidence of students to study science as it has elevated their curiosity levels.”

Shailesh Boinwar, a science teacher with a satisfaction said, “About 60 science games, models, activities and experiments have been displayed in the circus. Students felt very happy in handling these novel games.”