Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Jan 2018 11:36:06










SMART use of technology can work wonders. This has been amply proved with as many as 1,73,819 children, who had gone missing, being restored to their parents using the web portals ‘TrackChild’ and ‘Khoya-Paya’. Those behind the idea of using technology to help trace missing children deserve a big pat on their back. According to the Ministry of Women and Child Development, out of 2,80,561 children missing, 2,02,877 were recovered. This is a massive success. The staggering figure of missing children also indicates how alarming the issue has become. It is a traumatic experience for the family members when loving children just vanish from their homes. It is also a hellish experience for the child, who is lost in the cruel world outside with no one to help him out in reuniting with the parents. The children, who are often kidnapped for pushing them in illegal activities, as well as their parents now have a ray of hope in the MWCD Ministry. The Government must launch a massive campaign to popularise these web portals so that more and more people can use them to track their missing children.




THAT the Trump administration has finally decided not to change the H-1B visa policy restricting entry of immigrants, is a welcome re-think by the US Government. This will give a huge sigh of relief to nearly 7,50,000 Indian technological experts. President Mr. Donald Trump had made it a major poll issue of restricting immigrants who were “eating” American jobs and had given the slogan “Buy American, Hire American” which had supposedly caught the imagination of American voters. However, although the Trump Administration may deny it, there was definite pressure from American as well as Indian trade and industry against ending extensions to migrant workers. They warned that both India and the US would suffer hugely due to lack of technical expertise available from countries like India. Already, in the wake of Mr. Trump’s hardline on the subject, technical experts had begun to look to other nations and were being welcomed by them. Hence there was no choice for the US but to rescind its decision.