Street food may be detrimental for consumers

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Jan 2018 11:03:52


Staff Reporter,

MULTI-CUISINE food at cheaper rates can be palatable but may be harmful. Cherry on cake is food at cheaper, pocket friendly and installation of street food stalls at every next road. These street food may harm body due to poor hygiene maintenance and people are regularly taking risk by ignoring health for these cheap rate street foods.

State capital welcomes a large number of hobos in city for studying or earning purpose. Delicious food against less monetary charge is doom for such people so they risk their lives eating unhygienic street food. The street vendors often ignore health issue in preparation of food.

Senior Food Safety Officer, Arvind Pathrol informed that food safety officers randomly inspect street food stalls and if find any loopholes they issue 15 days notice to street food vendors, asking them to solve fault found. It is fact that every street food vendor doesn’t maintains food safety and hygiene standard but few keeps clean and hygienic stalls as citizens doesn’t prefer to eat bad quality food. Food Safety and Drug Control Department conducts training camps to make vendors learn food safety and hygiene standards. He added that soon Food Safety and Standard Authority of India will organise food safety and standard teaching programme for street food vendors. They will tie-up with various food companies in this training programme and programme will generate various employment opportunities for these vendors as well.

Deputy Commissioner Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC), Vinod Shukla while talking to ‘The Hitavada’ stated that large number of street food vendors are available on Bhopal street so officers of Municipal Health Department randomly inspects street food stalls and penalises the vendors if they are not maintaining hygiene standards around the stalls. BMC is introducing Hawkers corner for the purpose. BMC conducts various training programmes for these street food vendors to teach them about hygiene standards and tries to call best out of street food vendors. He also mentioned that in today’s scenario Cleanliness Drive has changed entire picture of streets and street food vendors.

Vendors themselves keep stalls clean and maintain hygienic standards to allure customers and even consumers should eat only at clean stalls.
Food Safety and Drug Control Department and Government randomly inspects the street foods and runs various training programmes for city street food vendors. They agreed on the point that various vendors keep their stalls clean and up to the food safety and hygiene standards but few still are not upgraded.

‘The Hitavada’ interacted with street food vendors and few hobos in the city to judge if these street food vendors are really maintaining food safety and hygiene standards.
Mukesh Sharma, tea and snacks vendor, opined that Food Inspectors and member of BMC Health Department visits and inspects products and ingredients used. They also direct to maintain cleanliness and hygiene, apart from it to keep our stalls clean and hygienic food to lure consumers otherwise they won’t come again.

Ishan Sharma, fitness trainer stated that people should not consume street or junk food as it is not good for health. These are not prepared in correct oil, even utensils are not cleaned properly. Although, no one can guarantee same about restaurants but you can witness hygienic atmosphere there.

Askash Choudhary, an engineering student said that he loves delicious street food as it remains fresh and is prepared in front of us. Also hygiene issue is totally sorted now, vendors keep their stalls clean and food is prepared with standard products.
Leela Kishan, consumer opined that hobos and can’t afford restaurants daily so street food for them is the best choice. Street vendors prepare food in front of the consumers. These are delicious treats to the needy people.