Four arrested in Atul Daharwal murder case

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Jan 2018 09:43:13


Staff Reporter,

The city businessman was killed following a dispute over Rs 20 lakh that the prime accused owed him

Investigations in the murder case of city businessman Atul Daharwal ended up with some shocking facts that he was killed by four of his friends and the act was premeditated. Chhindwara police arrested all four accused in the case. It is learnt that the mastermind in the case, Shiva Ram Tripathi (22) had spent thousands of rupees on Daharwal’s birthday party, a few months before.

Aditya Sarate (23), Arvind Thakur (24) and Sandeep Singh (25) are three other accused arrested for murder. All four were produced before a court in Chhindwara.
Police managed to get their three days’ police custody.
Police sources informed that other two persons, a hotelier and a cricket bookie, can also be linked with the murder.
As per the police information, Shiva had to pay Rs 20 lakh to Atul and that was the prime cause behind murdering the latter. Atul had started a cricket betting business some two years before, which Shiva joined later as a partner. Initially, both earned good amount in the business but later Atul decided to quit when the going was good.

However, Shiva incurred a loss of Rs 20 lakh while betting and the money was that of Atul. A month before, Atul had asked Shiva to return the amount as his marriage was fixed and needed money to meet the expenses.
After Atul left the business, Shiva joined hands with cricket bookie, Giriraj and a hotelier, Bagga. Since Atul had completely separated him from the betting business, Shiva knew very well that he will have to returned Rs 20 lakh to Atul. Shiva was not interested in returning Rs 20 lakh and thus planned his murder.

As per the plan, Shiva and other friends started regular meetings with Atul to gain his trust. A few months before, he even spent Rs 40,000 on Atul’s birthday party.
On Monday morning, Shiva had asked Atul to accompany him to buy Ganja and took him in his car. Three other friends were already in the car.
As per the plan, the friends had decided to kill Atul in Lodhikheda jungle.

“The accused first tried to strangulate Atul but failed as he fought back strongly. Hearing Atul’s cries for help, a truck driver passing through the same route stopped to help him but the accused warned to kill him too, and the driver fled the spot. Shiva and three others stoned Atul to death,” informed police.

Police have also recorded the truck driver’s statement.
After the murder, Shiva returned home and actively participated in searching Atul with other friends.
He was keeping an eye over Atul’s family members and police investigation.

The murder was cracked after Atul’s cell phone was recovered. The call details record showed that Atul had received Shiva’s call before he left home on Monday. Police also checked Shiva’s cell phone location and found that he was in Lodhikheda.

Later, Police rounded up Shiva for questioning and he spilled the beans.
The CCTV footage of the Chhindwara route helped cops to know that Shiva and Atul had tea together at a kiosk near Borgaon.