Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Jan 2018 11:22:21










THE Army has done well by adopting a tough stand in dealing with violation of ceasefire by Pakistan along the Line of Control in Kashmir. The year gone by had witnessed a highly volatile situation along LoC with Pakistan violating truce on 860 occasions, showing its desperation in fomenting fresh trouble in Kashmir, where the situation has been brought under control by the security forces. Pakistan wants to keep the Kashmir pot boiling at any cost. Hence, the escalation in incidents of ceasefire violations. However, the Indian Army is giving Pakistan a tit-for-tat reply, leading to heavy casualty on Pakistan side. India has made it clear that it was ready to resolve Kashmir issue through talks but only when peace returns to the Valley. Pakistan, on the other hand, wants India to bleed continuously, and, is therefore indulging in violating ceasefire. Pakistan should realise that India will no longer take its mischief lying down. Therefore, Pakistan, in its own interest, should stop violating truce and help resolve the Kashmir issue peacefully. There is no point in treating soldiers as cannon fodder.



THE fact that Hockey India (HI) has begun giving small tournaments to be conducted in tier II or tier III cities, should be considered as a good sign that the national body is opening out and is giving chance to everybody who shows interest in the game. Hockey India Chief executive Elena Norman has made it clear, in effect, that the national body would keep expanding its circle of influence so that more and more organisers and players get engaged in the game and more and more spectators across the country get to see good quality hockey being played in various centres. There is every reason to believe that such an approach would make much positive difference to the popularity of the game in India. It must be noted with sadness that the past few decades saw hockey’s popularity take a nose-dive and youngsters started turning away from it. It appears that HI is tackling this issue head on. The launch of premier league, the promotion of the game in smaller centres etc. appear to be good measures in the right direction.